The Ohio jobs report for October was released this morning.  First, the good news: for the first time since enacting Governor Kasich’s “Jobs Budget” in June, Ohio’s unemployment rate has actually dropped.  The “meh” news is that it only dropped a .1%, keeping pace with the national unemployment which also dropped down to 9.0%. 

That means that since Kasich took office in January, Ohio’s unemployment rate has only dropped .3%.  Over the same period a year ago, Ohio’s unemployment rate had dropped .8% (and had consistently dropped every month since February 2010 until May 2011.)  Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped even though the State saw a small loss of jobs (-600 in October.)  This after Ohio was second in the nation in job losses in September.

The hardest hit sector of the labor market continues to be the public sector which saw 4,000 jobs lost last month.  Service-providing industries (which government is considered part of) saw a net loss of 1,300 jobs as losses were also seen in the private sector service industries of professional and business services (-3,800) and financial activities (-800).

Over the past 12 months, the public sector is the only sector in the labor market to see a net loss of jobs at 9,500.  Yes, you read that correctly, not only is the government the only sector in the labor market to see net job losses in Ohio over the past twelve months, but 42% of those losses occurred last month alone.  (Although the subsector of non-durable goods in the manufacturing sector also saw a loss of 2,700 jobs.  Manufacturing as a whole saw the gain of 12,600 new jobs over the past twelve months (most of which were all gained while Governor Strickland was governor.) 

Pretty much the only way the unemployment rate goes down when a State is losing jobs is the people are dropping out of the labor market altogether.  Therefore, even though this is the first month since Kasich’s budget passed that the State’s unemployment rate went down, it only went down a negligible amount and the State is still losing jobs.  Innovation Ohio predicted that Kasich’s budget would be a jobs killer, particularly for the public sector, and that has proven largely accurate.

There’s no such thing as “good” jobs losses.  We’re not talking about cholorestol here.  Even though the losses are largely in the public sector, the economic impact is the same as if it were in the manufacturing sector.  More jobless Ohioans means downward pressure on consumer confidence and spending, which impacts the ability of the private sector to grow jobs. 

We need to get back on the path to economic recovery we were on a year ago, where unemployment dropped because the economy was creating jobs faster than people were re-entering the labor market.  Five jobs reports since his “Jobs Budget” was enacted, Ohio has yet to see Ohio creating jobs and lowering its unemployment rate, while people rejoined the workforce.  That’s something we definitely saw under Ted Strickland.  John Kasich promised Ohio he had a better way.   He has failed to come anywhere near delivering on that central promise to his election.

  • Anonymous

    No surprises here, Kasich is a downer.  Has anyone checked to see how many of the rubber stamp GOP members we can kick out of the state legislation and senate in 2012? I know they are going to have to put on a false face to avoid national disaster (which may not be possible in any case) but how many of the Columbus bums can we boot?  Dare I dream that it would be enough to wipe the smirk off that smurf Kasich’s face?

  • that is just great) thank you!

  • Which Republican members of the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House are up for re-election in 2012?  We should make a list, check it twice, and keep track of those who’ve been naughty and nice.  Which of these members have pushed SB 5, spoken against public schools, wanted to cut libraries, cut help for the elderly and unemployed?  Have any of these Republicans personally profited from any deals, or steered “unbid” contracts to their buddies/relatives?  Anyone that has worked against public schools where a majority of our children are educated, should be fair game to oust, especially if they’ve received big bucks from greedy charter school operators. Do any of these Republicans own businesses that pay the minimum wage or don’t offer medical insurance to their employees?  Start digging for information now. 

  • Anonymous

    Lynn Wachtmann, (the Napoleonic Neanderthal}, is “yes, Yes, YES to ALL of the above.  Besides being a total twerp, he sponsored the original bill to allow private companies to take 5 million gallons of water from Lake Erie DAYLY, and surprise of surprises, he also owns a water bottling company.  You can bet his employees are non-union.  I vote for him to be “Public Enemy Number ONE”!

  • Anastasjoy

    All members of the House are up.  The Senate is untakable anyway because of gerrymandering, but we can make strides in the House.

  • Anastasjoy

    Lynn Wachtmann is an ass. Unfortunately, the biggest asses — Shannon Jones, Courtney Combs, John Adams, Kris Jordan etc — are in the safest seats which is why they can be such asses which is why gerrymandering to create ultrasafe districts is so bad.

  • Anonymous

    Prince John is a job killer.

    Tax cuts are a job killer.

    The Gang of Pirates are killing the middle class.

    They hate people who do real work for a living.

    Why do people vote for these guys again?

  • Kasich is an embarrassment to Ohio and he has no intention to bring jobs to Ohio. He is a jerk for taking credit for the auto industry adding jobs when it is actually the state’s congressional delegation. Kasich needs to tell his supporters that he opposed the auto industry bailout. Come on 2014 when I can vote the GOP out of Columbus.

  • Anonymous

    Out of curiousity, I looked up this Wachtmann character and found that he:
    Slapped a teenage girl at a party (he thought he was slapping his own daughter).
    Was arrested for operating a pontoon boat while drunk.
    Voted against switching from the electric chair to lethal injection as a form of capital punishment.
    Voted against a crackdown on telemarketers.
    Voted against a crackdown on internet spam.

    Another fine Republican.

  • Public sector job losses are typically lagging in a recession.  

    A Governor is naive to run on a “jobs” budget because very little they do could actually help create employment.  Kasich deserves to catch flack because he passed a “Jobs Budget” and thought that he could, but really he can’t.  Unless he directly raises taxes and has the government hire a ton of people.

  • Anonymous

    Andrew Brenner (OH 2) should be vulnerable – he and his wife have accumulated over $70,000 in federal tax liens on their music business.  Einstein and his wife tried to pull a fast one on the IRS by claiming their employees were not actually employees, they were “contractors”.  Unfortunately for them, the IRS has an entire section devoted to investigating these kinds of claims.  If you have employees, you must withhold taxes and pay 1/2 of their Medicare withholding.  If they are contractors, you don’t have to pay those taxes.  They gamble that they could screw the federal government out of legally owed tax money and lost.

  • Anonymous

    True, but I do think Jordan is vulnerable in 2014, from within his own party.  They may be reluctant to run a guy when his opponent can claim, “I’m the candidate who DOESN’T abuse his wife!”   Jordan will put his name on any bill that Kasich asks him to, and I think he will probably get some kind of cushy job working for Kasich, maybe as a lobbyist or something else where he loses his high-profile senator job but instead gets a reward for being a loyal soldier.  But you’re right, if the Rs don’t run Jordan, they will find a suitable right-wing replacement.

  • Anastasjoy

    Given that Kris Jordan has been highly hyped as a future GOP star, I think they will find a way to protect him. Anyway, Republicans don’t care about women; they will probably think he’s big, strong and macho for beating his wife, and they love those qualities.

  • Anastasjoy

    Jeez, ANOTHER drunk Republican in the legislature? Bob Hagan’s bill mandating drug & alcohol testing for legislators is desperately needed! That Statehouse AA chapter is going to be large.

  • Anastasjoy

    He could have saved jobs in the public sector and schools by not stealing their promised funding. And he could have created more teaching jobs for a start with that additional $5 billion by which he grew the budget. He could also have tightened up on for-profit charter schools (dream on!) so the tax money current going to make David Brennan richer could be spent hiring more teachers, hiring back school counselors, social workers, nurses etc.

  • Anonymous

    It’s true we’ll never retake the Senate, but remember, SB5 only passed by a single vote. Shifting the balance even a little bit might make such nonsense more difficult next time.

  • Anonymous

    Where’d you find all that? is there an oppo book on him posted online? That’d be handy to archive for future use.

  • Anonymous

    Fortunately, well over a third of the Senate GOP are up for reelection in 2012 because so many have been appointed to their seats. Here they are, with votes on SB5:
    Wagoner – yesColey – yes (in house, before appointment to Senate seat)Lehner – yesSeitz – noWidener – yesFaber – yesNiehaus – yesHughes – noEklund – did not vote (recently appointed to replace Sen. Grendell)Balderson – yes (in house, before appointment to Senate seat)Obhof – yesPatton – noBurke – yesThe House is where some real movement can happen. We should probably do a post soon on the 10 most vulnerable GOP members and hammer the shit out of them from now until November.

  • Woltrapekim

    Didn’t they open a bar IN the statehouse? I recall a story about that some months back…

  • Modern Esquire

    Just answer me one question:  Given that virtually all of the jobs lost under Strickland occurred during the Great Recession in 2008-2009, just what exactly could Strickland done differently that could have resulted in a better result that the fourteen month stretch of dropping unemployment rate, and roughly double manufacturing job growth compared to Kasich that we saw?

    Do you HONESTLY believe that if John Kasich had been Governor at the time, we wouldn’t have lost those jobs?  I’m just wanting to know what kind of troll I’m dealing with here.

  •  Expand After watching the worst governor {Ted Strickland (D)} in Ohio’s history almost destroy our economy by losing a record 421,000 jobs and 2 electoral votes for the state, governor Kasich(R) is a breath of fresh air! What the Democrats do not have the ability to comprehend is that high taxes , corrupt unions, and bad workmans comp. and unemployment laws are precisely what drove major corps. and businesses out of our state! Kasich has slowed the job loss down to a trickle and has a handle on a very bad situation that socialists have created here!   …one thing is for certain, there will be no more record job losses under Gov. Kasich(R)!!!!!  Expand

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