The ORP has a pretty neat tool that allows anyone to put an “idea in action”.  They call it “The Townhall” and they probably didn’t plan on the most popular idea being for them to slow down their train and stop attacking workers and heading more and more to the right.

User gravess posts:

I have been a proud member of the Republican party since 1972.  I have faithfully voted Republican in every local and national election.  I have even given money, even though in small amounts I STILL GAVE TO THE GOP.  I have served 4 years in the military and have worked in law enforcement, public works and the teaching field.  I work at a school without collective baragining.  In fact I have worked over 30 years in the public sector without the benefit of collective bargaining.  However, I disagree with the approach that the Governor of Ohio and the National GOP is taking in trying to reduce the budget.  The GOP is not the party that I have support since I was able to vote.  I am disappointed in the approach they are taking. Do I believe that you need control over the collective bargaining in Ohio?  Yes.  However this is not the way it should be done.   Also blaming teachers for kids not learning is a falsehood.  I teach at risk kids and try to keep them in school so they can graduate.  So am I to understand that I am a bad teacher, because my kids will never be at the top of the class but they will be productive members of society.  This makes a bad teacher?  Hum I wonder what true education is.  Please slow down the train of the GOP.  I am considering changing to an independent if the GOP continues to keep heading to the right. I am not alone in this belief.  Please keep the party more toward the middle of the political spectrum.

This was posted in February, and to be fair there is not much activity on that site.  It still begs the question whether or not the Ohio Republican Party will listen to their most popular idea on Townhall and slow down the GOP train.  What do you think?