From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We published a few articles about House Bill 136 (commonly referred to as the School Voucher Bill) over the past few months, but nothing since the end of September when the bill was passed by the House Education Committee.  At that time, we published data that detailed the effects of the implementation of HB 136 on every school district in Ohio.  That list was eye-opening to many people across the state because of the negative effects it highlighted. That list, it seems, was also wrong.

House Bill 136 is more damaging than we initially […]

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The ORP has a pretty neat tool that allows anyone to put an “idea in action”.  They call it “The Townhall” and they probably didn’t plan on the most popular idea being for them to slow down their train and stop attacking workers and heading more and more to the right.

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I have been a proud member of the Republican party since 1972.  I have faithfully voted Republican in every local and national election.  I have even given money, even though in small amounts I STILL GAVE TO THE GOP.  I have served 4 years in […]

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