Friday was Veterans Day and Ohio Auditor Dave Yost and his staff thought it might be a good excuse to do a little campaigning with a Veterans Day post on his campaign website and an email to his supporters.

It didn’t go exactly as planned.

While we certainly do have our share of typos around here at Plunderbund, we have yet to send out an email to everyone on our mailing list accidentally calling US service members “superhoes”.

  • Mike Partlow

    Gee, “forced to slave at hard labor on starvation rations”  seems like too easy a line to comment on…..

  • Clicking doesn’t do it-what’s wrong?

  • Mike Partlow

    That’s part of the screenshot

  • Anonymous

    I was over at the Kasich fb page, all the SB5 cheerleaders were blathering on about Veterans Day- just a few days after they tried to screw the largest group of veterans out there- public sector workers. 

    Every Veterans Day I have a little conversation with my daughter about the importance of duty, then try to talk her into attending West Point. She’s only 9 so… 

  • Anonymous

    Talk her into going to a real college, and then going to Navy OCS.  😉

  • Wparsons60

    Very,very GHETTO

  • I was going to come up with some ultra-sarcastic response to this, but the Navy does a pretty good job of taking itself down a peg on its own.

  • Anastasjoy

    David Pepper would have been such a great auditor.

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