From the daily archives: Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Brent Larkin, apparently, is a John Kasich fanboy, who is quick to dismiss the nearly ‘06 Ken Blackwellian beating Kasich’s Issue 2 took in the polls last week.  And he’s utterly convinced that Kasich’s agenda isn’t unpopular, just that Kasich personally is:

On many major issues of the day, Kasich still has the right message. Big problems, which Ohio has, require bold solutions.

Boldness doesn’t scare Kasich the way it has scared most Ohio governors.

So if it’s not the message, it must be the messenger.

Whaaat?!?  Logical syllogism fail.  Look, there are other […]

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In the wake of the defeat of Issue 2, The Columbus Dispatch surged ahead in Ohio’s competition for the state’s worst newspaper.  Those of you in Cleveland and Cincinnati must surely concede that the Central Ohio newspaper has established itself firmly in first place courtesy of their editorial board’s phenomenally absurd, defensive, and bitter writing this week.

To recap, voters in Ohio soundly turned back Issue 2 by a wide margin on Tuesday, with the current count reported by the Secretary of State as:

Back in February, the Dispatch reported that Senate Bill 5 would […]

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Friday was Veterans Day and Ohio Auditor Dave Yost and his staff thought it might be a good excuse to do a little campaigning with a Veterans Day post on his campaign website and an email to his supporters.

It didn’t go exactly as planned.

While we certainly do have our share of typos around here at Plunderbund, we have yet to send out an email to everyone on our mailing list accidentally calling US service members “superhoes”.

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