Or, in other news: “Tea Party guarantees Ohio goes for Obama, Brown and Democrats in 2012.”

Fresh off the defeat of Issue 2, the ohio Tea Party movement and the anti-labor business group, Associated Builders and Contractors of Ohio, are announcing today that they are pushing to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to turn Ohio into a “Right-to-Work” State. 

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Despite those facts, and the notion that President Barack Obama, who has already latched onto Issue 2’s defeat and would count on labor’s support to win Ohio next year in his re-election bid, tea party sympathizers are moving forward with a workplace initiative intended to “allow workers to have the right to bargain individually” — according to a source with knowledge of the proposed amendment.

Note the deception already.  They won’t come out and say it in the language that this is a proposal to constitutionally prohibit collective bargaining, but you can’t simulatenously have an effective to collectively bargain if you also have a right to individually bargain.  The law of physics apply in politics, too– two things can’t occupy the same physical space.  By creating a constitutional right to “individually” bargain, then collective bargaining becomes an infringement of that “right,” and therefore, the laws that permit it become subject to a constitutional challenge.

Why can’t these folks just draft the proposal for what it really is “a constitutional amendment banning collective bargaining.”  Why the deceptive language?  If they honestly thought the people of Ohio shared their political views, why be so indirect about it.

By the way, if this passes, will an individual have the right to strike without fear of losing their job or being replaced?  How does that work?

In 1958, Republicans tried to pass a constitutional amendment to make Ohio a “right-to-work” State.  It didn’t turn out too well for them:

O’Neill, Bricker and most every other Republican lost along with right-to-work. Voter turnout exploded. More than 3.2 million Ohioans cast ballots, far in excess of previous non-presidential years. In 1954, for example, just 2.5 million Ohioans had voted.

[The current ORP Chairman Ray C.] Bliss provided this analysis:

“The defeat of many of our Republican candidates is directly attributable to the placement of the right-to-work issue on the Ohio ballot this year.

“The proposed amendment provided a live issue through which the labor leaders were able to turn out a huge…labor-Democrat vote. During the past year, I repeatedly warned the proponents of this issue that this defeat would be the possible consequence.

“They choose to ignore my warnings. I estimate that an additional 200,000 additional labor-Democrat voters went to the polls Tuesday because the issue was on the ballot.”

From 1958 until this year, Republican governors and legislative leaders have avoided another attack on unions as direct at Senate Bill 5 is perceived to be.

The Ohio Republican Party was nearly wiped out of existence that year.

Kasich, who had previously stated publicly that he had no desire to see Ohio become a “right to work State,” appeared to be noncommittal given his spokesman’s comments on the proposal:

This morning, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said “job creation is Gov. Kasich’s top priority and we need to continue to work hard to create a jobs-friendly climate in Ohio. 

“Right now is the time to pause and take stock of the best way to do that and we are not ready to discuss any specifics at this point,” Nichols said.

 Kasich needs to stand up to the Tea Party and tell them, in no uncertain terms, “No.”  If someone on the right doesn’t scuttle this here and now, you are going to see Obama and Brown easily win and you could see GOP Congressional and state legislative candidates get wiped out.

If you didn’t hear the people of Ohio on Tuesday, then the Tea Party is going to hear them loudly, and they’re not going to like what the voters will have to say.  Josh Mandel does not want to be on the ballot with a radical anti-choice “Personhood” Amendment that social conservatives couldn’t even get passed in Alaska, Mississippi, or Colorado, and a “right-to-work” amendment that he has to take a position on and have to choose between his political base, or the majority of Ohioans.  I mean, his support for Issue 2 is politically toxic enough as is.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the Tea Party was really a shadowing Democratic front group designed to boost Democratic turnout.

If the Tea Party wants to have another labor ballot, and do it in 2012, just a year after Issue 2 was soundly defeated, I say:

Let’s roll!


  • WestParkGuy

    Check your headline. I think begin would be a better word

  • leeseh

    Even I can’t believe they are trying this already.  I thought they’d at least try to come across as consiliatory, even if it was false, for a while.  But to try this not even 2 days after Issue 2 was defeated shows me how bad they want this and what they are willing to do to get rid of the middle class.

  • Anonymous

    This is really, really dumb of the teanderthals.  I don’t think King Johnnie or Josh Mandel are smart enough to distance themselves from these knuckleheads.

    I won’t get complacent about it, though.

  • leeseh

    I don’t think this is dumb.  They made it clear that the vote on Issue 2 would not be the final word.  They are just going to keep doing this until they get something through.  It might not be exactly what they want, but close enough that they can live with it.  They have practically unlimited money that will be put in if the  Koch Brothers think it has a chance to go through (which evidently they didn’t think Issue 2 would).  We have to hope we can hold out until election day next year and hope we get enough Republicans out to get done with this until the Republicans get another majority.

  • I think it is pretty dumb – think of it like this: “You won’t let us beat our wives, so we are going to make it legal to kill our wives”.

  • Anonymous

    Already corrected.  Wow.  That was fast.  The typo was up no more than a minute.

  • Anonymous

    Already corrected.  Wow.  That was fast.  The typo was up no more than a minute.

  • Anonymous

    This and in sooooo many situations, Republicans don’t seem to understand:

    No means no.

  • WestParkGuy

    Hey, what can I say. Plunderbund is the best Ohio Political blog out there.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s that dumb.  They (Koch Bros) learned a lot from Issue 2 and since they have unlimited money, they will fight better next time.  You can also say that this is a way to damage the unions by having them in a constant state of battle.  It will cost the unions a lot of money and time.  With the economy in the toilet, this is going to be another tough battle. 

    I’m sure Kasich and the GOP have some other ideas that they are going to spring on us.

  • WestParkGuy

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

    The Teabaggers can’t remember what happened 2 days ago much less what happened 53 years ago. I relish the thought of the ‘Baggers exterminating themselves and the GOP at the polls in 2012.

  • Adrienne

    “Job friendly environment” = wage slave environment. They want to bring us back to 1789 if not before. 

    They are vile and persistent but so is evil in its pursuits. 

  • I wish that “Right to Work” meant that everyone could get a job.  Unfortunately, they use that nice sounding phrase to mean Union Busting, stomp on the neck of people who do have jobs.  

  • An excellent idea. Let the Klanservative Klanbagging Kooks stick something this stupid on the ballot. Every one of us who turned out for this one will be back again-and we’ll have voter registration and redistricting to vote on, too. Icing on the cake.

  • Really good job on the Ed show the other night.

  • Anonymous

    At least the Ohio Pubbies on 1958 weren’t stupid enough to put their right-to-work amendment on the ballot during a presidential election year.

    And Ray Bliss (where have we heard that name?), chairman of the Ohio Republican Party back then, didn’t think the amendment was such a swell idea in ’58.

    I don’t think Kevin DeWine, John Kasuck, Josh Mandel, and their masters the Koch brothers come anywhere close to Bliss in brains.

  • Anonymous

    Go ahead Koch-baggers.
    Make my day!

  • stryx

    I like this idea. It just seems too convenient, just two days after the election. The plan was, crush the public employee unions and then march forward to glorious victory against the Pipefitters and Electricians. ‘Cept the true believers didn’t heed the warnings and come up with a Plan B so now they unroll their “lets lower wages in Ohio!” banner in a most awkward context. Must be lonely to be them.

  • Anonymous

    We knew it was coming…….

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes, Mr. Bliss…A moderate Republican who would be chased out of his party if he was living today.

  • Anonymous

    2012 is gonna be VERY big in Ohio.

  • Anonymous

    Along with Saint Ronnie

  • What the republicans don’t understand is that they are making life long enemies of voters who used to say I vote for the specific issues a politician stands for- not the specific party they belong to. I used to say this. (a long while back) But over the years I have learned that what RRepublicans say they are going to do and what they really do are 2 different things. I will never ever again vote for anyone remotely  affiliated with the republican party or any issues that remotely sounds or looks like the republican party may be behind it. I know a wolf in sheeps clothing  when I see it.

  • Anonymous

    Of course they aren’t, they are afflicted with the narcissism gene. It is always about them, not about others.

    They are evil, stupid and greedy and are unrelenting in the pursuit thereof.

    Rotten Ronnie was too evil to not be an radical rotten R. He enabled the he man woman haters and this really ridiculous anti govt sentiment. He set the evil free. W. was his true evil progeny.

  • Christy

    Bring it Tea Party.  We have a lot of fight left in us.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Thats some site ! 

  • Anastasjoy

    If that’s true, then the Koch brothers are really, really dumb, and our worries about their money are overblown. You don’t pick a fight with an already engaged army at a time when the battle is for the whole war and your troops are in disarray and retreat. They can’t “fight better” – they fought with the only weapon they have: lots of money. And keeping the unions in a constant state of battle is GOOD. They were becoming disengaged, and many were drifting to the Republican side. This has galvanized them. I don’t think a poor economy is suddenly going to make union workers decide it would be good to turn the state into Mississippi where the economy is always bad and always will be. It WILL be a “tough battle” — for the Republicans to win any races in Ohio next year if this is on the ballot. 

    We will start winning more regularly when we stop scaring ourselves by imputing superhuman powers to the other side.

  • Anonymous

    Remember what the GOP did to Clinton during his presidency?  They investigated him constantly, they brought impeachment proceedings against him, and they began their right-wing hit squad activities through the press and media.  It cost Clinton and the Dems lots of money and time fighting these charges all the time.  It cost Al Gore the presidency in 2000.

    Now, what do we have?  Obama is being investigated by Issa, the Senate is a total waste of government, and the right-wing hit squad has improved its tactics and methods.  So what we have is a Democratic party that can’t get anything done because they have to appear at phony town hall uprisings, they have raise money constantly to fight the Koch Bros. and others, and the press gives the GOP a free pass.

    What I think this means for Ohio is that the Koch’s learned a lot from their recent defeat and they will fight smarter.  They have unlimited money.  The press already is treating the Right To Work movement as a genuine movement of innocent people who want to be heard.  Do you think Kasich is going to say live and let live to the Teacher’s now?  He will support and fund this new movement, but through back channels.

    If the economy is in the tank in 2012, the GOP and all their money will say “See, we told you so!  If you would have passed Issue 2, the economy would be so much better.”  Do you think all of the non-union people and working class who fought Issue 2 this time will be as enthusiastic if things don’t improve?   Instead of the Progressives initiating something positive, we now have to fight this new diversion from the mouth-breathers on the Right. 

    I’m not saying that the Koch’s will win or that the anti-Issue 2 coalition will not return.  But when you are constantly fighting battles while at the same time seeing your standard of living go down, it won’t be easy.

    What do you think would have happened if Kasich had merely went after the Teachers this time with SB5 instead of all public employees?  He might have pulled it off.  He accomplished at least one thing; he demonized Teachers. 

  • Anonymous

    “Kasich needs to stand up to the Tea Party and tell them, in no uncertain terms, “No.”  If someone on the right doesn’t scuttle this here and now, you are going to see Obama and Brown easily win and you could see GOP Congressional and state legislative candidates get wiped out.”  Um, so why don’t we want them to put it on the ballot?  Where can I sign the petition?

  • I’m surprised they even waited a day ..this was in House last week..back up so 2 speak, when Issue 2 was vetoed..we have HB 319 we are circulating petitions for…and until WE VOTE them all out next fall n turn the Senate back Democratic majority..just get use to signing petitions..We beat SB 5 we can continue to fight until we take Ohio back…

  • Anonymous

    The R’s can keep rotten Ronnie.

    He made white supremacist he-man woman hating a serious wing of his party. The Wall Street guys needed them. His goal was to make sure that I never get Social Security and Medicare. Looks like it might happen because they are the party that values money more than people.

    Hate rotten Ronnie and his wife.

  • We need exactly the opposite type of amendment, and should start gathering signatures to guarantee union rights through a Federal Constitutional Amendment. Right to work states are exactly the opposite, and are the poorest in the nation. “Right to work”  is tantamount to slavery!! The problem is, there’s enough money out there to buy enough disinformation so that people vote the opposite of what they really want! Don’t let this happen!!

  • No, the problem is they keep trying and trying until it accidentally passes and then we’re all up shit creek without a paddle. Notice we kicked out Issue 2, yeah, but look at all the evil stuff Kasich got by that will be on the books forever while we were distracted and focused on that! At some point it figures that they’ll get this passed when the country is focused on something else, unless we prevent it now!

  • Ok, Peak, go crawl back under your rock. And yes, pretty much all the failures are by Republicans.  No unicorn.

  • Just remember, the Republicans own the hackable voting machines here in Ohio that mysteriously gave W the win over Gore after he had already been declared the winner! The inside guy who was going to testify to that? Went down in a mysterious plane crash…

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