On November 3, 2010, while basking in the glow of his narrow victory (with less than a majority of votes – 49.04%) over Ted Strickland, Governor-elect John Kasich felt the need to specifically address teachers unions during a press conference.  In typical Kasich style, he went unscripted and talked about how he was going to create jobs, kill the high-speed rail project, and get dollars into classrooms.  Then, without provocation, Kasich lashed out with a very direct ultimatum:

“I am waiting for the teachers union to take out full-page ads in all of the [major] newspapers apologizing for what they had to say about me during this campaign,” said Kasich.

(WDTN News)

Really, Governor?  Are you referring to your unresponsiveness to invitations to meet with screening committees during your campaign for Governor?  And were you really that bitter that the associations opted to endorse Ted Strickland in the wake of your refusal to communicate?  Sound familiar, readers?  From the Governor’s statements, we must assume that he would always take the high road during any campaign, right?

Wrong.  To coin an old phrase, to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME.

So what have Kasich and Company said about teachers during the Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2 campaign?

The number of years a teacher has taught and a teacher’s education – do not directly impact student learning.

Teachers aren’t paying their fair share of pension – 10% [State law requires 10% employee contribution for STRS]

Teachers hide behind the protections of a union contract.

“Union bosses” have control over the management of school districts.

He cut funding for education by 11.5% in the coming fiscal year while expanding the school voucher program and making charter schools less accountable.

College graduates with only five weeks of summer training will save Ohio’s education system (because they’re better than any current teachers).

Michelle Rhee knows more about Ohio’s schools than Ohio’s teachers.

Ninety-percent of life is just showing up.  Obviously they flunked that test.

Teachers get raises just for showing up.

Along the way, teachers were locked out of the Statehouse, stood up at a school funding meeting (with teacher union leaders, of course), and completely ignored during the creation of an Early Education and Development Innovation Committee (business and community members only).

It seems that behavior like that leaves only one real option.

The Governor’s office obviously has easy access to the Columbus Dispatch, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Cincinnati Enquirer as well as a handful of other irrelevant newspapers.  We can’t imagine that they would charge him any more than they did for the articles his office has written for them over the past few months. Then again, with Kasich’s backing, their readership has plummeted.  Maybe Citizens United will pay for the ad?

While he’s at it, mending fences with all public employees might not be such a bad idea.


Clock’s ticking, Governor.


  • I wouldn’t hold my breath for Kasich. He will only become even more bitter, sarcastic, and cranky.  Shannon Jones doesn’t plan to give up ( ttp://tinyurl.com/6u9sdse).  Give them a few days, or even a week, and they’ll be back because they haven’t learned anything.

  • I won’t hold my breath either.  I am waiting for the backlash.  I am not expecting the reflection that he talked about.

  • Anonymous

    There will be a BACKLASH. It is a shame that in the United States of America we want to slap educators.

    Wonder do they do that in India and China??????

  • Anonymous

    Backlash will begin in May-June when the districts start laying off teachers.  That is when Westerville will send out the notices.  A year from now, those districts that have levies expiring will go through the same process.

    Kasich will have his henchmen identify who will be terminated among the ranks of state employees.  We have three more years of his rule, but it will take ten years to repair the damage.

  • Anonymous

    No it will be permanent because that now they do things. They break things permanently then gloat that they are broken.

    Who voted for these monsters again?

    We deserve better but always get worse.

  • Anonymous

    Reflection on how he can screw us over is more like it.

    He’s an evil monster. Maybe the radical R legislature can come to their senses or lose their jobs. Never mind.

    The teachers were right, as usual.

  • Oh Look down the road! What is that? A short yellow bus? Oh wait~ who’s getting on it-no it’s not stopping!  Stop! Your going to run him over! Oh well go ahead it’s only Kaisick. Who is going to get run over by the bus NOW Kasich.

  • Your right the first thing they will try to write into law is that seniority will not be counted towards who is not laid off. They will try to get rid of all the experienced teachers who have seniority and stick in Teach for Ohio un trained teachers into the classroom for less money now that most of the school levies have been turned down. They will say they are giving the localities the ability to balance their budgets and not raise taxes at the same time. But truth be told they are trying to destroy the public school system without the general public noticing. Then they will pounce big time with that stupid voucher for private and for profit charter schools so that their friends can pocket the money instead of providing good public education for students. 

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    So  is he expecting the Cincinnati city council to apologize because 7 out 9 seats went to Democrats ? Will Shannon Jones be expected to apologize because her husband didnt win?
     I fully expect he will seak some sort of pay back –but — who wont be able to see what hes doing? The more he tries the more people should see hes a vindictive punk ! If I were up for re-election next year I would keep my distance from anything he does.

  • Anonymous

    We have an organization that has successfully stood up to both Kasich and the GOP tea baggers.  I hope We Are Ohio stays together; we all have a lot to do in the future to stop the madness that is John Kasich.  Were I he, I would be looking for a big rock to crawl under because the only way he will be able to “take a breath” is if he makes himself scarce.

  • You may be right.

  • Duckmonkeyman

    They’ll come after educators next.    Already in some Ohio (wealthy) districts we’re seeing rumblings of extending levies by “restructuring” salaries and eliminating benefits for teachers.  Educators are an easy target because you can’t scare people in the short run by safety issues.  A bit of Republican sexism underlying as well (“re:Cain”).    In the long run, I honestly now think we’re seeing the slow death of public education.  It is hard to convince people to look long term at the future of their kids and grandkids when they are already worried about their next paycheck.   The current GOP views education as a mere cost center – not an investment.  Our global competitors must be licking their chops and laughing at us as we undermine one thing that has made America great – available education for all, not just the select few.

    As a teacher, I’d have no problem with a salary freeze to get through the recession, eliminating non-educational programs to extend a levy.  But cutting the salary of someone making $40,000/yr puts them on food stamps.  As I’ve seen in many years in private business, when hapless CEOs demoralize their staff, the best people soon leave if they can, the worst people drop out, and the remaining are formerly excellent employees who now could care less and have one eye on the door or mediocre employees.   And I’d agree to the salary freeze as soon as Kasich and Bachelder roll back the massive raises they gave their staff and stop handing out billions to Ohio corporations who are proving not “job creators” but “cash accumulators”.

  • wonderful post! thank you for sharing! i liked it..really)

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