Just noticed this.

Issue 2 failed in the counties of the Speaker of the House and the President of the State Senate.  They couldn’t carry their own districts on Issue 2.  Niehaus is a lame duck in the Senate anyways.  President Pro Tempore Keith Faber has campaigned across the State for Issue 2, representing Building a Better Ohio in the Statewide debate on the issue.  Issue 2 only carried in two of the seven counties that compromise his district.  (Although that is 1/3 of the counties Issue 2 actually carried… Shelby and Mercer.)

If the Senate GOP were smart, they’d realize that Bill Seitz was right and publicly acknowledge that and restore his chairmanship and committee assignments, or even more brilliantly, elect him into some position into the leadership to show they’re turning a new leaf.  I mean, they gave Jimmy Stewart a leadership position back when he actually voted with labor.

But think about this for 2012, if Speaker Batchelder and Niehaus couldn’t sell this vote back in their own home counties, how can they help vulnerable Republicans sell it back home in those counties any better?  And keep in mind that these are the gerrymandered, deep red districts these guys come from.  In 2010, Batchelder got 70% of the vote.  Niehaus got 62% in 2008, the last year he was on the ballot and easily carried every county (with the sole exception of a squeeker in Scioto) in his district.  Last night, each one of those counties rejected SB 5.  With the sole exception of his home county of Clermont, No on Issue 2 got anywhere between > 60% to <76% of the vote in his district’s counties.

The GOP legislature’s only hope is that voters have short memories, but that would require them to have some other legislative achievement that is more popular than Issue 2.  And the only available polling shows that the Kasich budget, isn’t any more popular than Issue 2.

  • More people voted to repeal SB5 than voted to elect Emperor Kasuck. Now THAT’S a mandate!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope PB keeps the names of those who voted for SB5 alive so that voters in the next election remember who they are and what they put us through.  There should be a granite stone in every county seat with the names of those pirates engraved under the title “Wall Of Shame” so that no one ever forgets who they are or what they stand for in the annals of infamy.
    Of course, it might be better if every scrap of paper that contained their names would be burned to ashes so that no more memory of them would be had among human beings forever.  After all, we would hardly want to erect a statue of Kasich the Hun!

  • Anonymous

    Just vote Democratic.  Even if a Republican voted no on SB 5, they supported the leadership that tried to shove SB 5 down our throats and likely supported Kasich’s budget and the rest of his agenda.

    I don’t give one vote passes.

  • Anonymous

    Your council is timely, well said.

  • Kasich won last year by 77K votes; #SB5 LOST this year by 792K – 10 times last year’s margin. I hope Republicans will having a learning experience, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m happy to keep teaching it to them every election then.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno.  I was still shocked to see blood-red Medina County defeat Issue 2.

  • Adrienne

    But they aren’t smart. That is their problem. They are big rotten bullies who got a great big push back.

  • Anonymous

    Never the less, we are still the 1000 pound canary in the room (“Here, Kitty, Kitty Kasich”) and we need to keep the pressure on the barnyard savages in the Columbus legislature to do the right thing for a change.  If we need to, we can all get together and do it again in February of 2012, but I doubt that they will want to try again to get a piece of us so soon.  If they were smart (which admittedly they are NOT) they would just forget the whole thing and glide for the rest of their terms.

  • Maybe the Repubs coming up for re-election next fall will thin 2x b4 ramming anything else thru….dont hold ur breath…n be prepared to fight, sign, repeal, until We vote them out in November

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