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On November 3, 2010, while basking in the glow of his narrow victory (with less than a majority of votes – 49.04%) over Ted Strickland, Governor-elect John Kasich felt the need to specifically address teachers unions during a press conference.  In typical Kasich style, he went unscripted and talked about how he was going to create jobs, kill the high-speed rail project, and get dollars into classrooms.  Then, without provocation, Kasich lashed out with a very direct ultimatum:

“I am waiting for the teachers union to take out full-page ads in all of the [major] newspapers apologizing for what […]

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In today’s Dispatch, under the intentionally inflammatory headline “Unions Get Revenge…” we get a hint of next year’s anti-union rhetoric:

“But amidst all of the concessions and hat-in-hand rhetoric, there was a hint of defiance. Kasich, who opened by congratulating the labor coalition, said local governments should not expect a state bailout to manage their costs.
‘There is no bailout because frankly, there’s no money,’ Kasich said.”


Kasich’s year-long attack against public employees was two-pronged: Make them vulnerable, and strip away their defenses. Last night, not only did […]

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Just noticed this.

Issue 2 failed in the counties of the Speaker of the House and the President of the State Senate.  They couldn’t carry their own districts on Issue 2.  Niehaus is a lame duck in the Senate anyways.  President Pro Tempore Keith Faber has campaigned across the State for Issue 2, representing Building a Better Ohio in the Statewide debate on the issue.  Issue 2 only carried in two of the seven counties that compromise his district.  (Although that is 1/3 of the counties Issue 2 actually carried… Shelby and Mercer.)

If the Senate GOP were smart, they’d realize that Bill […]

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ModernEsquire scores the first national live TV appearance in Plunderbund history. Nice work man!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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[Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Now what do we build in its place?

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Here’s what the Issue 2 map looks like:

[Update:] Final numbers from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office shows that 46% of registered voters cast a ballot last night.  In comparison, 49% cast a vote in 2010 election.  Last night was the highest turnout for an off-year election in at least 20 years in Ohio.  Turnout was higher than expected, but so much for the idea that the polls oversampled Democrats.

The most southern “green county” is Shannon Jones’ Warren County.  Warren-Butler-Clermont Counties is the belt of > 60%  GOP performance counties that the GOP regularly uses to […]

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