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  • Anonymous

    I don’t swear but in this instance:




  • Anonymous

    Say “G’night” Batchelder!
    Say “G’night” Niehaus!
    Say “G’night” King Kasich!

  • Woltrapekim

    Uhhh, what’s this about Kasich asking for compromise? We better skip the high road this time.

  • ][

    Perhaps he should have thought of what happened in 1958 before trying.

    If he tries the same baseless attack again in piecemeal bills, he should be reminded of his own words. 

  • Where can I watch We Are Ohio’s reps speech online? Livestream is off air. I saw Kasich earlier on ONN, want to see our people!

  • Woltrapekim

    Thanks for everything, the work you did kept many spirits afloat. Take a few days off (I know you won’t), and stock up on t-shirts, as I will be buying one shortly…

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Well its finally over — no more lies on tape –I hope Kasich re-visits the country road and they forget to pick him up…..lol
    Thanks to all who worked for this victory ….. a round of applause ….
    one last thought—-
    Way to go Ohio and …….. nice try  a**holes

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Ohio voters for sending this resounding message, I’ve never been more proud of my family tradition of union membership, including myself. 

    Who’s the “idiot” now Kasich?

    …and of course, thank you Plunderbund!!!

  • Anonymous

    John Kasich’s still doesn’t get it. 
    “I’m not sure that we were offering them a solution to a problem that they didn’t think existed,’’ he (Kasich) said.
    What is he talking about?  Maybe he should consider that he was not offering a solution to a problem because it never existed except in his own mind!
    Here is a news flash, John; WE GET IT – YOU’RE A JERK!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome job guys. You rock!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome job guys. You rock!

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