The fight is not over yet, but Public Policy Polling’s final poll before tomorrow’s election show’s Issue 2 headed for a huge defeat.

PPP shows that 59% of Ohioan’s plan to reject SB5 and only 36% plan to vote to keep it. This is up three points from October’s 56%-36% margin and 12 points from August’s 50% to 39% margin.

The poll shows 30% of Republicans and 54% of Independents are planning to vote No.

Polling for Issue 3 shows the “No” side improving, with the Yes votes lead narrowed to a 14 point margin. And with 16% of voters still undecided on the Issue, it’s definitely too early to call this fight over just yet.

As PPP mentions, SB5/Issue 2 is now polling the same as it was back in the spring, when anger over its passage was at its peak. Back then we all wondered if we would be able to keep up the momentum until November. I think we have our answer.

But we don’t just want to defeat Issue 2. We want it to go down in a huge, burning, screaming ball of flames. We want to show Kasich, Ohio’s legislative leaders, and the whole country that we will not lie down and accept this union-busting, anti-worker agenda.

You DO NOT want to miss out on the opportunity to be part of history here, folks! Get out and vote tomorrow!