From today’s Columbus Dispatch:

We Are Ohio has election night parties planned throughout the state, including one at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus. A spokeswoman for Building a Better Ohio, the Republican group formed to support Issue 2, said campaign officials will watch the election results somewhere near the Statehouse and that Kasich will speak with reporters after the issue is decided.

When one campaign is planning the party, and the other is planning its concession speech, it’s over, man.

Seriously, Building a Better Ohio isn’t even trying to fake that it believes it’s going to win tomorrow night.  No election night party with its “volunteers.”  Just a bunch of Kasich aides huddled around a TV, praying not to be embarassed by the voters… and then hoping Kasich doesn’t embarass himself when he’s forced to concede the election.

  • ……probably because they didn’t have any volunteers!!

  • 15th district resident

    from the pictures, their volunteers looked remarkably like state and congressional republican staffers- those who didn’t have ballcaps pulled down over their faces, that is.

  • Anonymous

    “quand l’ennemi fait un mouvement faux nous devons prendre le bon soin pour ne pas l’interrompre”

    I look forward to it!

  • Anonymous

    “They know they’re not paying twice for their health care and that of a WalMart worker just because they buy a television there.”

    WalMart probably wasn’t the best example, as I understand they don’t provide adequate, affordable health insurance for most of their workers.  Also, most of their workers receive some sort of taxpayer-financed health care coverage, whether through Medicaid, Medicare, or the VA.

    But I totally agree with your point.  I don’t like the bonuses Summa Health Systems gives its managers.  I believe they unnecessarily inflate health care costs in Summit County.  Does that give me the right as a consumer to dictate when and how much those bonuses should be?  Not hardly.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be making calls tonight at the local “We Are Ohio” phone bank (I probably won’t be calling your house, though) and I hope that if enough of us get those last minute calls in, we can make it a margin of 70%. That’s kind of high, I know, but the higher we aim the higher we will hit and I want Kasich to know just how much he is despised in this state.
    By the way, have I told you that I don’t care for the twerp?  I stick pins in his effigy every chance I get.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Fred they are.  And yeah, Fred, it’s outrageous that a statewide campaign hold an election night results party.  It’s totally unprecedented.  Oh, no, wait, I meant the opposite of unprecedented…. I meant totally common.

    Seriously, that’s the best you’ve got?  No wonder Issue 2 is going down in flames.

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