The strangest things tend to happen on or just before a big election day in Ohio.  Shadowy out-of-state rightwing groups dump tons of money in our state.  Ohio is a key battleground state, etc.  We get all that.

What we don’t get is why a group out of Iowa cares what Ohio does in state referendum and Constitutional Amendment issues?

The Legacy Foundation, formed in 2008 by former Speaker of the Iowa House and gubernatorial candidate Christopher Rants, is sending out misleading, though innocuous looking mailers that appear to be simple reminders to vote tomorrow.  The text clearly favors Yes votes on both Issues 2 & 3:

Legacy Foundation mailer side 1

Legacy Foundation mailer side 2

According to their 990 form, The Legacy Foundation is made up of both Rants (President and Secretary) and Bruce Rastetter (Chairmain).  Rastetter is a former pig farmer and current CEO of Hawkeye Energy Holdings and a top Republican donor and fundraiser in the state.  He’s also done business with the Koch brothers.  His company is also involved in a questionable land grab in Africa.

The group also got involved in Arizona’s SB1070 “Border Sheriff” dispute.  Interestingly enough, in the about section of their press release they bill the foundation as being formed to “focus on state level policy matters”.  I guess they didn’t say which state.  I love that Ohioans have already found that link and are giving Legacy hell in the comments.  😉

I’m sure both Chris and Bruce would love to hear from Ohioans.  They both sure seem very interested in us right about now.