Matt Ferris is a Republican financial planner who is running for Columbus City Council. Matt recently decided that attacking Council President Hearcel Craig for an incident involving a handicapped parking permit could be his ticket to success.

Matt has been out talking to the press about the Craig, recently telling the Dispatch that he was “disgusted” that Craig was breaking the law.

Funny story about Matt Ferris: he was once arrested for peeing off a balcony.

Talk about disgusting?

According to police reports, Ferris was observed creating “a condition which was physically offensive to others” after which he ran from the officers and “had to be stopped”. Once stopped, he was “very uncooperative and disrespectful to officers”.

And two years later Ferris was cited again, this time for a bar fight (at a Godfather’s Pizza!) in which he continued punching people in the face even while officers were breaking up the fight.

Sure, Craig parked in a spot that he should not have used. And he was certainly wrong in doing that. But he never pissed off a balcony, or ran from the cops, or punched anyone in the face while the police were trying to break up a fight he was involved in.

It seems to me Ferris really hasn’t earned the right to be ‘disgusted’ or to lecture others on their behavior.

You might consider keeping this in mind when you hit the voting booth tomorrow.