On the eve of the election, it’s hard to imagine a voter being moved by a long explanation of the factual details surrounding Issue 2, in either direction.  We’ve detailed every conceivable angle of Senate Bill 5, starting with its inception in February, its coming of age as it became a law, and its mid-life crisis as Issue 2.  Tomorrow, and in the days that follow, we will discuss its death and subsequent dismemberment by Republicans.

But tonight, as we think about voters who may still be undecided and looking to you, our readers, for direction, we wanted to find a final way to thoughtfully guide them.  It comes in the form of a question:

Who do you trust?

Many of us rely on the opinions of others when making important decisions, asking our friends and family for input.  We also frequently consider the values of public figures through commercials, endorsements, and news stories (both positive and negative), processing all of this information and constructing our decisions by aligning our final choice with our personal values.

And so we pose the question to voters:

Who do you trust?

NO on Issue 2 Yes on Issue 2
Firefighters John Kasich
Police Officers Sarah Palin
Teachers Newt Gingrich
Marlene Quinn, Grandmother Tea Partiers
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown State Senator Shannon Jones
Ed Schultz Mike Huckabee
Vice President Joe Biden Mitt Romney (sometimes)
John Glenn Out-of-state organizations


Vote with those whom you trust.

Vote with those who represent your values.

We’re voting NO on Issue 2.