Politifact saves their pants-on-fire ratings for straight-up lies, so it seems quite appropriate that Kasich just got one for his continued insistence that out-of-state arbitrators are helping to resolve contract disputes in Ohio.

According to Kasich:

“They talk about this problem with binding arbitration. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to have somebody from Los Angeles fly into Zanesville and impose a wage settlement on you that you have to pay and then they’re on the plane back to Los Angeles.”

Kasich has also claimed arbitrators could be coming in from “Kokomo, Indiana.”

As Politifact points out the arbitrator “must be an Ohio resident, according to a provision in the state law that outlines the rules for binding arbitration.”

So Kasich is just lying when he says that anyone from California or Indiana would come to Ohio to help with labor disputes. No big surprise there.

Funny story about California and Indiana though: Kasich appointed people from both of these states to his cabinet which, it turns out, is also illegal.

The appointment of Scott Nally to the EPA and Mark Kvamme to Development were both unconsitutional because Nally lived in Indiana and Kvamme in California.

Nally’s appointment had to be resubmitted after he moved to Ohio. And Kvamme had to be removed from Development and sent to the Gov’s office until Kasich could appoint him CFO of JobsOhio.

So apparently Kasich thinks it’s just fine to give control of hundreds of millions of dollars, with no oversight or accountability, to a guy from California but not for them to help with labor disputes?

And apparently Kasich and his entire legal team are completely unfamiliar with the Ohio Constitution and important parts of labor law as well? And they didn’t have the time or energy to look up these statements before Kasich repeated them multiple times?

It’s a good thing Kasich, his speech writers and his legal team aren’t getting merit-based pay because they’d all be earning a “ineffective” ratings.