John Kasich likes to present himself as if he was Johnny Everyman.  Today, in the Columbus Dispatch, Kasich, an avid Steelers fan dating back to his origins as a Pennsylvanian transplant, uses a sports analogy to illustrate his sheer awesome ability to pull the Building a Better Ohio campaign across the finish line:

“We never thought (former Cleveland Browns quarterback) Bernie Kosar would bring the Browns back and win that big championship game,” Kasich said.

First of all, if you’re using a Cleveland Browns reference as an analogy for your “winning,” you obviously aren’t winning.  Hollywood would make a movie about the Indians chasing the pennant, but not one in which the Browns go to the Super Bowl.   Second, Kasich is factually correct.  We didn’t believe Bernie Kosar could bring the Browns back and win that big championship game.  And for good reason:

Kosar never won a championship game with the Browns, going 0-3 in AFC title tilts with trips to the Super Bowl on the line.

Man of the people FAIL  Who-Dey!

  • LOL, they are such idiots.

    Who voted for them again?
    I don’t know anyone who is taking credit for voting for  “the R’s”  and their evil rotten  radical agenda.

  • Anonymous

    To put Kosar in proper perspective, check this out:

    Kosar and his buddies yukking it up!

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Idiots, Kasich just proved himself again as being the ultimate one.
    However, I don’t see any championship rings on anyone in SW Ohio. Where dey?

  • Anonymous

    Check out the captions too. They’re hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Even the Plain Dealer is making fun of him:

    A Kasich spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the apparent gaffe. Kasich could always plead for forgiveness by reminding Ohioans that he grew up near Pittsburgh and is a Steelers fan. But maybe he should wait until after the votes are counted Tuesday.

  • Kasich, like most Republicans, is living in the past.  When they try to be cute or relevant, they just embarrass themselves. Kosar? I’m surprised he isn’t talking about Bill Mazeroski or some other Pittsburgh athlete from the 1960’s.

  • Troysteelerfan

    I am a steeler fan – and let me just state – that idiot does not represent us – in any way shape or form.

  • +1

  • GreenIris

    he would have to actually know something, or be hated by yet another state

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny.  Out of all of the republicans I know–none seem to have voted for Kasich.
    Interesting huh?  Buyers remorse at its finest.

  • Pjsneemta

    Keep watching–John Kasich will next reveal how MLK Jr. tried to re-enslave African-Americans for their own benefit–to balance the budget, of course, and how one-room schoolhouses instructed by people who could never marry served as the best-practice for a value-oriented Ohio.  Oh, wait.  That was 1811, not 2011.  Sorry.

  • maybe he was being sarcastic….Browns arent/didnt win any championship…they lost..n maybe he’s being sarcastic…he’s losing too…not winning…n he spoke of running for Vice President….however he appears to be losing the big game as well……or? I def woulda asked that question…just to hear..not hear a response..ya see..kasich n crew think we r all stupid…he’s not too stupid..hes rippn ohio off again….just wondering….wish it was on to see his face when making the Browns…blunder? LOL….okay probably not…keep thinking he’s learning…maybe listening to we the people…..ON 11.8.11..VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2 TO REPEAL SB 5..MAYBE IF WE ALL..GO VOTE…N COMMIT TO VOTE until each n every person says..NO… 1.3 million sigs on referendum….petitions..would love to see double that vote no on issue 2….maybe then…they will hear us?

  • I used to work for Bernie when he owned the Insiders. The SB ring I saw him wear at a function in New Orleans clearly said Dallas Cowboys. And after the last few years Bernie has been through, I don’t think he wants to use him as a great success story.

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