Surely, this isn’t the “closer” ad for the Building a Better Ohio camapign.  Regardless, Building a Better Ohio this morning released a new ad, and it’s, well, interesting.

The central message of the ad is that if it doesn’t pass, your children will leave you, and you’ll die miserable and alone because they’re never visit.  And they don’t seem to suggest that will happen in the distant future but immediately as they show what appears to be a practical toddler sitting in a car, symbolically leaving the State now not even waiting until she is an adult.

As if the children of Ohio have decided that if mommy and daddy don’t pass Issue 2, screw this crap, they’ll moving to a State where they can find work… right now… as a baker or construction worker.  Enough with this hippie “child labor laws” crap, my four-year old son Ethan is apparently thinking, I want to work now.  Thanks, Building a Better Ohio, I had no idea my son doesn’t want to play pretend he’s a construction worker, he’s ready to weld steel now.  This ad helps me understand my son in ways I never could on my own, apparently.

Look, saying now that Issue 2 is about the future prosperity of the State of Ohio is a really complicated argument to make (or in simplier terms, a stretch.)  The Building a Better Ohio campaign has done virtually nothing to establish the groundwork to lead voters to such a conclusion that voting for Issue 2 will help Ohio’s economy.  Up until now, all they’ve done is focus on how Issue 2 will make it easier for governments to balance their budgets.  It’s been a budgetary argument, not an economic one. 

Yet, with a majority of Ohio’s registered voters still saying in Quinnipiac’s poll that they don’t believe Issue 2 is about the budget, Building a Better Ohio picks the last days of the campaign to switch gears on its messaging strategy?  From a purely campaign strategy standpoint, this ad is nonsensical on multiple levels.

This ad is an over-the-top emotional appeal that lacks any factual basis and is so ridiculous, I think it will insult most viewers with the sheer absurdity of its message.  I don’t think my four-year-old son is going to hop on the first bus out of Ohio come Wednesday to look for work if Issue 2 fails.  (Is that the bus Kasich is going to drive like a Piped Piper of children ready to work?)

As a parent, I’m insulted that Building a Better Ohio campaign suggests that I don’t care about my child’s future if I vote against Issue 2.  Quite the opposite.  My son is taught that it’s right to share with people and to help out folks who need it and that our police, teachers, and firefighters are vital to our community and not blood sucking, union thug parasites.  I want my son to take pride in his individual talents and gifts, but never lose sight that we are all part of a community tying ourselves to one another.

But that’s just how I choose to raise my child.  Not everyone shares that worldview, apparently.

[Updated:]  And here’s the latest (closer?) ad from the We Are Ohio campaign:

Seriously, We Are Ohio is crushing Building a Better Ohio in both the quality and the quantity in which their ads are airing.  It’s Wednesday before the election folks, it’s time to realize that there is no independent expenditure group coming to the rescue for Building a Better’s failed paid media strategy.