From the daily archives: Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shortly after the Republican Party’s 2010 victory, Governor-elect John Kasich’s first priority was attempting to getting Kevin DeWine replaced as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party by Kasich confidante/Franklin GOP Chairman Doug Preisse.  Not surprisingly, the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee saw no reason to replace the man who had just led the GOP party out of the political wilderness and back into power, sweeping all the State races, winning back the Ohio House, and picking up five Congressional seats (Space, Wilson, Boccieri, Driehaus, and Kilroy). So Kasich’s GOP coup was thwarted, and a rivalry deepened.  Preisse got a consolation prize of quickly […]

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Surely, this isn’t the “closer” ad for the Building a Better Ohio camapign.  Regardless, Building a Better Ohio this morning released a new ad, and it’s, well, interesting.

The central message of the ad is that if it doesn’t pass, your children will leave you, and you’ll die miserable and alone because they’re never visit.  And they don’t seem to suggest that will happen in the distant future but immediately as they show what appears to be a practical toddler sitting in a car, symbolically leaving the State now not even waiting until she is an adult.

As if […]

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Building a Better Ohio has a real hard problem finding a good community story to use as a case study as why Issue 2 is needed.  First, they tried to use the news coverage of how the Village of Mt. Sterling was laying off all but its police chief as evidence of the need for Issue 2.  That was until we had to point out that Mt. Sterling’s workforce isn’t unionized, so collective bargaining reform won’t change the situation.  Now, they’re claiming that Issue 2 would prevent the layoffs of 14 firefighters in Lancaster (they’ve […]

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Yesterday, John Kasich held a pro-Issue 2 rally at the (I’m not making this up) “Spread Eagle Tavern” in Columbiana County.  Roughly 200 people showed up in favor of Issue 2 (although at least one media outlet pegged the crowd roughly around 100, instead.)

A year ago, candidate John Kasich held one of his largest rallies at the same venue, attracting roughly 300 folks to hear him talk about how lobbyists weren’t going to drive policy in Ohio if he’s governor (something that is still a work not in progress with the new Governor.)


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Last week, JobsOhio unveiled a request for bids for full-service marketing firms to market the State of Ohio to the nation with an estimated initial budget of $2 million.  Here’s how JobsOhio describes the aims of the marketing:

Key Objectives/Scope of Work

— Support the state of Ohio’s key industry sectors, and if possible, improve upon the false perception that Ohio is a non-innovative, non-business friendly and rust belt state. (Background information on current marketing efforts can be found at and

 Gee, I wonder where Ohio got that reputation from?