Today’s headline in the Columbus Dispatch:

Folks in Zanesville ‘not blaming’ Kasich over exotic-animal incident

Until you read the story, and realize that the entire basis for the headline was a Dispatch reporter asking Zanesville residents about whether John Kasich deserved the blame… at a Building a Better Ohio Issue 2 rally… featuring Governor John Kasich as the speaker.

Zanesville a pretty Republican town, but still, I’d call it a stretch to call that crowd truly representative of the sentiment in the town.  After all, would people who blamed Kasich show up at a John Kasich rally that was held inside a private restaurant?

I can’t believe this constitutes as “news” by a daily newspaper in Ohio.  Republican crowd doesn’t blame Republican speaker at his rally!  Stop the presses!

  • Annekarima

    Slow news day.

  • Anonymous

    I did enjoy that in his other story on the event, Joe Vardon was not exactly buying Kasich’s newly-minted spin on SB5 (that even if it loses, SB5 was still a win because it distracted everyone long enough that a GOP-dominated general assembly still passed my budget).

  • WestParkGuy

    Columbus Dispatch – Journalism = oxymoron

  • Anonymous

    Hadn’t gotten to write a post on that one yet, but, yeah, I noticed the same thing.  Guess Kasich hasn’t seen how unpopular his budget is.

  • Anonymous

    The expose they’re working on today involves going down to the banks of the Olentangy to ask people if water is in fact wet.

  • Anonymous

    We’ve now been told the event was also invitation only.

  • Natasha

    C’mon cut our “friends” at the Columbus Dispatch some slack.   They gave us the best political quote of the week last Wednesday –

    “…Kasich replied: “I never think ahead.” …”

    Poll: Issue 2 sinking

    Law that limits
    collective bargaining trailing by 25 points

    The Columbus Dispatch Wednesday October 26, 2011 6:50 AM

    Before Kasich was for extensive regulations prohibiting wild animal possession he was against it. 

    These Ohio Republicans hate governmental regulation unless it applies to disenfranchising voters, asserting their dominion over a woman’s body reproductive  systems, breaking the backs of teachers’ unions. destroying public education, diminishing public safety forces, wrecking public employees’ finances, destroying health-care, and enriching themselves and their contributors’ special interests over public good.

  • Adrienne

    You may want to put snark in the tags since they may think that they did a great job. They are just another in a long line of extremely RW mouthpieces for the rotten evil  1%.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, Modernesquire, are you telling us that there may sometime have been an “event” that Kasich appeared at that was NOT by “invitation only”?  I am not clear on if Kasich doesn’t want to know how unpopular he is or if he doesn’t want Buckeyes to know.  Of course, it could be a security issue – no, that COULDN’T be the reason, since he is so beloved by all.

  • Anonymous

    The Columbus Ministry of Propaganda has been very busy the past 10 months trying its best to convince central Ohio that up is down, losing jobs is recovery, and that SB 5 is a needed tool.
    We all know who the tool is…

  • Anonymous

    I bet he does know that is why they have to stack the deck for him. His itty bitty feeling might get hurt, like he has feelings.

    More evil than the last R governor and reminding me of way worse than George II evil dictator of the USA?

  • Anonymous

    So is the Plain Dull in NEO.

  • TCochrane

    OTOH, SB5 united organized labor more than any other event in decades.  Thank you gov! 

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