From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Seneca County Commissioners are now planning to demolish the 1884 County Courthouse.  Today, Governor John Kasich released a letter to the media in which he wrote to the county commissioners and urged them to back off the plan.  Of course, the Governor failed to include any check from the State to help pay for the cost necessary to fix the building to keep it usable.  The Seneca County Commissioners said in response that they had every intention of saving the courthouse… until John Kasich’s budget took away the funds to save it.

From the Toledo Blade:

The board […]

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Today’s headline in the Columbus Dispatch:

Folks in Zanesville ‘not blaming’ Kasich over exotic-animal incident

Until you read the story, and realize that the entire basis for the headline was a Dispatch reporter asking Zanesville residents about whether John Kasich deserved the blame… at a Building a Better Ohio Issue 2 rally… featuring Governor John Kasich as the speaker.

Zanesville a pretty Republican town, but still, I’d call it a stretch to call that crowd truly representative of the sentiment in the town.  After all, would people who blamed Kasich show up at a John Kasich rally that […]

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