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A few months back, as the SB5/Issue 2 battle was heating up, Treasurer Josh Mandel put up his “transparency” website which allowed people to search for the salaries of public employees in Ohio. The data, obtained from the right-leaning Buckeye Institute, not only excluded the salaries of a number of key advisers to Mandel, but it also highly overstated the salaries of many public employees.

As all this was going on, Mandel was delaying the release his personal financial disclosure forms with the United State Senate for 6 months supposedly to make sure everything was exactly right.

Here’s […]

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We recently brought you the story of the re-design of the Ohio license plate.  We decided to have some fun with it and asked our fans on Facebook what they thought John Kasich’s vanity plate should be.  While we haven’t done an exhaustive search, we’re pretty sure that post broke a record for comments.  We got 164 at last count!

We also decided to design out own plates with custom background words and we asked our fans what their favorite Kasich quotes were.  Again, we got a huge response!

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Kasich’s working group released their rules for banning dangerous, exotic animals in Ohio today.

The rules are pretty similar to the executive order that Governor Strickland issued (and Kasich repealed), an order that could have prevented the slaughter of dozens of rare, endangered Bengal tigers and other animals in Zanesville Ohio last month.

There is one noticeable difference though: Strickland’s order made a specific exemption for school mascots like Massilon High’s baby tiger Obie. Kasich’s new rules don’t.

I’m not personally invested in the mascot exception, but a lot of people understandably are, including John Kasich’s Deputy […]

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Almost as soon as today’s news that Chiquita was moving its global headquarters out of Cincinnati, Kasich and his conservative supporters went into overdrive trying to make the case that this news is somehow different from the announcement of NCR moving its HQ out of Dayton under Governor Strickland.

After all, JobsOhio was formed under the theory that the Ohio Department of Development was poorly equipped to make compelling offers to keep companies from leaving Ohio.  Kasich cited, ad nausem, NCR to claim that Ohio’s economic woes were not attributable to the national recession, but to Strickland’s failed leadership.  Kasich […]

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We found out this weekend that Kasich’s people chose to award a lucrative, $1.5 million consulting contract to KPMG (voted one of 2011’s “World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors”) in order “to study whether leasing the Ohio Turnpike to a private operator might be a good idea.” They have until July to come up with their recommendations.

I wish they’d asked me instead. I would have been happy to provide them some very good recommendations for half the cost. And I can provide my answer right now: Nope. Leasing the turnpike is not good idea.

That’ll be $750K please. Thank […]

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The Mandel campaign’s permanent aversion to the truth flared up again this month and it looks like some people noticed this time. Not once, not twice, but three times Josh Mandel and his friends were called out for airing attack ads that were called “ridiculous” to “inaccurate” by non-partisan, third-party fact checking organizations. Three times in one month! In hockey we call that a hat trick.

In one particular mind numbing example Josh Mandel took to the airwaves and claimed that Senator Sherrod Brown was “egging on” the Occupy Wall Street protesters to spit on police officers and defecate on police cars. […]

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Remember yesterday when the Governor told people he didn’t read newspapers? Yeah, we do too. Strange, then, to see this quote in today’s Dispatch:

In other words, he said yesterday he didn’t read newspapers, right around the time he was talking about what he’d read in the Dispatch this morning. He is aware that the Dispatch is a newspaper, right? Or does our Governor think that if he reads it on his iPad, it’s not a newspaper?

Either way, probably a good example why people shouldn’t take what he says very seriously. […]

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Can’t blame Governor John Kasich for trying, given his need to show he’s doing something productive when he’s not having art students redesign Ohio’s drivers license and plates.

The Dayton Daily News reports that Kasich is crediting his JobsOhio with “getting the State’s act together” and citing the spate of economic development announcements made since it was passed.

From January through October, JobsOhio has been related to 29 projects in the Cincinnati region that created or retained 3,772 jobs and generated $175 million in capital investment, according to Marlon Cheatham, JobsOhio spokesman. A list of all 29 projects […]

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Seriously folks. The guy running the state of Ohio proudly declared today: “I don’t read newspapers in the State of Ohio.” His reason? Because it doesn’t give him “an uplifting experience.”


He claims his disdain for print journalism and his lack of interest in important, current events is not that new, and it’s “just like presidents have done in the past.” The only President I know of that has ever publicly admitted to not reading newspapers was George W. Bush. Enough said.

The fact that Kasich doesn’t read about state or local news certainly does explain a lot […]

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In the first post in our series dissecting the new school ranking system created by Governor John Kasich and the Republican legislature we listed the six criteria that will be used to rank all school districts/charter schools in the state, explained why the decision to heap massive new responsibilities upon the Ohio Department of Education widely misses the mark (despite ODE being the correct agency), and concluded by dismantling the first measure in the ranking system.  If you have not yet read that post, you can access it here.

In this second post in […]

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Back in April, when Kasich’s budget was still being analyzed, we posted about the Governor’s proposed criteria for ranking Ohio’s public school districts and how that ranking connected to his proposed school funding numbers.  Our analysis was based on the budget bill (HB153) as it existed at that current time, a listing of five criteria applied to public school districts.  The budget was modified between that time and its final passage, adding a sixth criteria and definitively including all community schools within the final ranking.

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