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The Dispatch is reporting that Kasich is still refusing to take any responsibility for blocking Ted Strickland’s dangerous animal ban that would have prevented the recent disaster in Zanesville in which dozens of rare, endangered Bengal tigers and other exotic and dangerous animals had to be killed by Sheriff’s deputies.

As they correctly point out, Strickland’s Executive Order prevented people convicted of abuse or neglect of animals from owning exotic pets. And Terry Thompson, the owner of the lions, tigers, bears and other animals that were killed in Zanesville, did have such a conviction and would not have been […]

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Brief note on #OccupyWallStreet

On October 20, 2011 By

We haven’t written anything on #OccupyWallStreet yet (or any of the Occupy groups in Ohio), and I am not going to force us into an editorial position on the movement at this time, but personally, as a fan, I wanted to provide some information to our readers about reputable sites for information. Sometimes, such an egalitarian, leaderless, democratic movement can be a little messy, especially looking at it from the outside, and it can be hard to know what information is “official”. I’ve seen some stuff flying around on the internet that is most definitely not sanctioned by the New […]

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Here’s a quick thought on another argument SB5 supporters keep using during debates: quoting the number of applicants for teaching jobs.

In a recent debate between State Senator Keith Faber (representing Better Ohio) and Dale Butland (representing We Are Ohio) the participants are asked a question about whether SB5 will make public positions less attractive to highly-qualified applicants.

Butland speaks first and mentions that starting pay for Ohio’s teachers is only $31K/year – which puts Ohio at #42 for the lowest paid teachers in the country. And Senate Bill 5 removes even the minimum pay standards for teachers. Butland […]

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PPP and Quinnipiac seem to have an unspoken agreement that neither shall poll Ohio at the same time.  So, it’s hard to aggregated their data together and make trendlines, especially when both polls show sharp differences in the crosstabs.  In the last PPP poll in August, it showed Issue 2 with a statistically insignificant lead (two points) in favor of the Issue among independents.  Quinnipiac has consistently shown independents  as largely in favor of repeal.  However, both have shown, starting with the PPP in August the Issue 2 race narrowing.  However, it’s been roughly  three weeks since Quinnipiac’s last poll […]

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You have to wonder whether the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s endorsement of Issue 2 has compromised its PolitiFact service as an objective arbitrator of factual claims in politics.  Until today, the only claims it has examined by Issue 2 supporters was whether Mayor Bell lost his job as a firefighter temporarily in the 1980s, a claim that nobody disputed, and whether Issue 2 would save money (a claim that has only been opposed based on the fact that we don’t know how much wages will be increased in bargaining to offset losses in benefits… a criticism that the Plain Dealer said […]

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Back on Jan. 7th, 2011 Gov. Ted Strickland issued a executive order banning “the keeping of big cats, bears, wolves” in Ohio. On taking office, John Kasich blocked the order, claiming he was concerned the ban would negatively impact small-business owners. He eventually let Strickland’s executive order expire.

Jump ahead to today…

Late this evening in Zanesville Ohio dozens of wild animals escaped from a private owner’s home including “grizzly and black bears, wolves, and several species of large cats, including lions, tigers and cheetahs”.

As I type this, many of these dangerous animals are […]

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Man, it is crazy out there, am I right? I mean if it isn’t Issue 2 supporters making up facts, its Granny-gate, or the Supreme Court ruling in favor of allowing the redistricting maps to go to referendum. Remember when they said this was going to be an off-year election and things were going to slow down?

In all the action over the course of the last couple of weeks an important piece of news has gone somewhat under-covered. Guess who was the only Senator to successfully have a bipartisan piece of legislation pass the Senate that is […]

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True. Freaking. Story.

It’s only three weeks away from the election and we are still being amazed by the quality of human beings that comprise those known as “supporters of Issue 2.”  Last week, Governor Kasich’s official campaign group, Building a Better Ohio, misappropriated “We Are Ohio” ad footage of Grandmother Marlene Quinn and placed the spliced the footage out of context, twisting Ms. Quinn’s message.

And today, while doing some research on the Ohio Constitution (don’t judge my use of free time), I stumbled upon a publication by The Buckeye Institute entitled Defending Liberty in […]

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As part of its examination of Issue 2, the Columbus Dispatch published an article yesterday enumerating several perks enjoyed by public sector workers as a result of collective bargaining negotiations that are not generally available to those in the private sector. Examples included a paid day off for election day, having a say in the temperature of a classroom, a $160 bonus for perfect attendance and “longevity” pay increases based on years of service.

The article failed to tell the other side. The private sector offers an incredibly long list of benefits public sector workers can only dream […]

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As we hit the final stretch of the battle over SB5/Issue 2, it seems like a good time to remember how little respect Kasich has shown for public employees, and police officers specifically. And what better way to highlight that than by revisiting Kasich’s “idiot cop” comment and traffic stop.

Back in January Kasich publicly berated the Ohio EPA claiming it was plagued by “a lack of commitment and a lack of vision” and, in short, blamed the EPA for the delay of a new permit for a gas-fueled power plant. The Governor claimed his administration had, despite the […]

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Having read today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial endorsing Issue 2, I can’t help but see how the conclusion doesn’t match the premises made.  If Issue 2 passes, Governor Kasich and this General Assembly will not, in a moment of kindness after this campaign, return to Senate 5 on their own initiative to remove some of its provisions.

If, as the Plain Dealer suggests it wants, you want a less extreme collective bargaining reform bill than SB 5, then you have only one choice: vote NO on Issue 2.  If Issue 2 passes, John Kasich will see it as […]

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