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Yesterday Jon Huntsman took to Twitter to declare his support for Issue 2 in Ohio:

Unlike @MittRomney, I stand with John Kasich in opposing the individual mandate and supporting public sector union reform. Pls RT.

And this morning, Politico’s Ben Smith reports that the daily roundup from Jon Huntsman’s campaign clarified exactly what Jon was supporting:

Here’s a shocker: Romney flip/flopped on supporting Gov. Kasich’s union-busting laws. From being in solidarity in June to unable to take a position in October. To put it mildly, most conservatives are a little upset.

You have to give Huntsman credit. He’s […]

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Perry’s Not Helping

On October 26, 2011 By

In his zeal to jump on Mitt Romney’s unwillingness to back Issue 2 at Issue 2’s regional campaign headquarters, Texas Governor Rick Perry endorsed it with this message:

Perry campaign Communications Director Ray Sullivan sends the following statement:

“Mitt Romney’s finger-in-the-wind politics continued today when he refused to support right-to-work reforms signed by Ohio Governor John Kasich – reforms Romney supported in June. Americans are tired of politicians who change their beliefs to match public opinion polls. Mitt Romney has a long record of doing this on issues like government-mandated health care and the Obama stimulus. Mitt Romney needs to […]

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The debate starts at 7:00PM on your local NBC affiliate.

Debating Issue 2 will be State Senator Keith Faber, of “Building a Better Ohio,” who will be defending Issue 2, and former Ohio Congressman Dennis Eckart, of “We Are Ohio,” which opposes Issue 2.

Live Feed:


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With yet another new poll showing Issue 2 heading towards a potentially crushing defeat in two weeks, GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney was scheduled to appear today at a volunteer center in Cincinnati to show support for Issue 2 and Issue 3.  At least, that’s how it was billed all the way up to today.

Instead, Mitt Romney, as a CNN reporter stated on Twitter show up at a “rally” the volunteers for the Issues 2 & 3 effort and then promptly sought to avoid tying himself to either issue.

Here’s how the Cincinnati Enquirer reported it […]

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There are a couple of things you should never do in a hotly contested political campaign.  The first is look like you’re picking on a great-grandmother who is grateful to her local firefighters for saving her great-granddaughter’s life.   The other thing is that you don’t have as the public face of your campaign an unpopular politician who is under water by double-digits in his approval/disapproval rating and have him travel the State delivering your message.   The brain trust that is the Building a Better Ohio campaign did both in the past month, and it’s had the predictable effect on Issue […]

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We long ago began assuming that when Ohio’s Republican leadership is speaking, they aren’t telling the truth. But it’s truly becoming harder and harder to believe that they know any actual details regarding anything they are talking about.  And the more Kasich, Niehaus, Batchelder, etc. talk in public, the more we are starting to think that they literally DO NOT KNOW what changes (or not) Senate Bill 5 or Issue 2 contain.  In all seriousness, no collective group of individuals can be so ignorant, right?  It has become really easy to believe that not a single YES voter from the […]

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Today, the Columbus Dispatch did a story that discussed some of what we’ve been discussing about the economy for months: Kasich’s political rhetoric when it comes to the economy does not match the economic reality reflected in Ohio’s monthly jobs reports.  On Friday, we learned that Ohio was #2 in job losses in the country for the month of September after three straight months of increasing unemployment after Ohio saw a streak of 14 months of constant dropping unemployment that began in early 2010 when Ted Strickland was Governor.

Kasich’s economic argument isn’t based on these […]

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The latest tactic by Governor Kasich and his pro-Issue 2 organization is to attack the amounts that public workers pay toward their health care benefits and pensions.  Kasich, however, has been actually been attempting to spread this misinformation for months, all while struggling to remember which tall tale he is spreading.

A few days ago, Kasich appeared on Fox News and tried to claim that public employees are contributing $0 toward their benefits, and this is why Ohio needs to reform the law.  We Are Ohio, the organization mobilized to communicate the facts behind Issue 2’s implementation, quickly […]

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In all the news about Governor Kasich’s attempt to mitigate the political damage caused by the tragedy in Zanesville by issuing a meaningless executive order that most have concluded has no real teeth, another potentially difficult story got overlooked: September’s jobs report.

The good news is that Ohio broke it’s three-month streak of rising unemployment.  That’s about as good as it got for Kasich.  Ohio’s unemployment rate is no different than the national rate, which also stayed at 9.1%.  That means after a fourteen-month period of consistently dropping unemployment that started back in February 2010 under […]

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Greg already tore up Better Ohio’s latest ad for their absolutely untrue statement that public workers are paid 43% more than private sector workers. Innovation Ohio did a nice job debunking this number as well.

But I feel it’s also worth commenting on the other part of the ad – specifically the beginning, which starts with pictures of closed down businesses, foreclosed homes and images of a what we are supposed to assume is a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart down an empty street. The ads starts with this footage and quickly proceeds to their argument: […]

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Unless you’ve been living under the rock, I don’t need to recall the facts this week of the tragedy in Zanesville where a guy, with a history of animal cruelty convictions released over 50 exotic animals (including obviously dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, a wolf, and bears) before killing himself.

It has become John Kasich’s decision to let an executive order issued during the final days of the Strickland Administration to ban exotic pets, particularly dangerous animals, as a result of a protracted negotiations between the Humane Society of the United States and the Ohio Farm Bureau, to expire that […]

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