From the daily archives: Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bill O’Neill is a Registered Nurse working in a Pediatric Emergency Department in Northeast Ohio. He has first hand experience with the problems facing emergency rooms – and with the medical system as a whole. He also has a little experience with the law, having spent ten years as a Judge serving on the 11th District Court of Appeals in Warren.

Needless to say, Judge William O’Neill’s experience provides him with a pretty unique perspective on Issue 3, the dangerous, Tea Party-driven, anti-“Obamacare” amendment that appears on the November ballot.

Judge O’Neill recently sent us a letter about Issue […]

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After we broke the story about the Senate staffers’ salaries, Senate President Tom Niehaus said they were necessary and in line with SB 5’s “merit-pay” provisions.  Governor John Kasich has said essentially the same thing in justifying the huge salaries of his chief-of-staff Beth Hansen (when compared to Strickland’s chief-of-staff) and Jai Chabria, the “special” assistant to the Governor (who makes more money than… the Governor.)

I’m trying to conceptualize how this “merit-pay” thing works in this instance for these positions.  So, will Ohio Senate Communication Director Jason Mauk, Hansen, and Chabria have to take a pay cut […]

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