From the daily archives: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Issue 2 supporters are getting more desperate every day, but instead of limiting their attacks on public employees and unions, they are now attacking the author of an independent report that shows that Ohio’s public-sector and private-sector employees receive comparable amounts in compensation.  Naturally, Issue 2 supporters hate this data and would like to do nothing more than to refute its accuracy.  Since they have been unable to discredit the calculations, they are resorting to smear tactics against the author, Dr. Jeffery Keene, and We Are Ohio in a Hail-Mary attempt at scuttling the research.

We referenced Dr. Keene’s research in […]

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Back in the end of July, the Columbus Dispatch did an insightful story on how Building a Better Ohio was planning on getting voters to approve Issue 2 at the polls:

The group formed to defend Senate Bill 5 believes the same Quinnipiac University poll released July 20 that showed voters favor repeal of Ohio’s new collective-bargaining law by 24 points also provides a road map of “pressure points” that can change minds before the Nov. 8 referendum.

And with three months until the vote and a $20 million budget, the coalition of Gov. John Kasich confidants and […]

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What we saw in the conservative backlash against Mitt Romney’s temporary non-endorsement of Issue 2 is that the national conservative movement has made public support of Issue 2 in Ohio, which polls at 36% support presently (and pretty consistently), a litmus test for any ’12 GOP Presidential candidate to be considered viable.  There can be no greater and more sound political strategy than mandating the ’12 GOP presidential candidates endorse an issue that is twenty to twenty-five points down in the polls right before the election in a battleground state that no Republican nominee has ever won the presidency without […]

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