Yesterday Jon Huntsman took to Twitter to declare his support for Issue 2 in Ohio:

Unlike @MittRomney, I stand with John Kasich in opposing the individual mandate and supporting public sector union reform. Pls RT.

And this morning, Politico’s Ben Smith reports that the daily roundup from Jon Huntsman’s campaign clarified exactly what Jon was supporting:

Here’s a shocker: Romney flip/flopped on supporting Gov. Kasich’s union-busting laws. From being in solidarity in June to unable to take a position in October. To put it mildly, most conservatives are a little upset.

You have to give Huntsman credit. He’s spent his whole campaign trying to define himself as the sane one, the one willing to tell the truth. Global warming is real. Evolution is not a myth. And the goal of John Kasich’s SB5/Issue 2 is to bust unions.

As Brian mentioned earlier today, Kasich and Ohio’s Republicans have spent most of this year trying to defend SB5 as “reasonable reform” and NOT union-busting or right-to-work legislation. And in a matter of hours, multiple Republican presidential candidates quickly destroyed their months of work, revealing the truth.