With yet another new poll showing Issue 2 heading towards a potentially crushing defeat in two weeks, GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney was scheduled to appear today at a volunteer center in Cincinnati to show support for Issue 2 and Issue 3.  At least, that’s how it was billed all the way up to today.

Instead, Mitt Romney, as a CNN reporter stated on Twitter show up at a “rally” the volunteers for the Issues 2 & 3 effort and then promptly sought to avoid tying himself to either issue.

Here’s how the Cincinnati Enquirer reported it went down:

But Romney, who would not speak to the media, told Ohio Republican Party chairman Kevin DeWine as he left the building on Wooster Pike in Terrace Park that he was not endorsing either Issue 2 – which would repeal the GOP backed bill that limit collective bargaining for public employees, or Issue 3, which would allow Ohioans to opt out ofthe mandatory health care coverage portion of the health care law passed by Democrats in Congress last year.

“I’m not saying anything one way or the other about the two ballot issues,” Romney told DeWine. “But I am supportive of the Republican party’s efforts here.”

I’m sorry, you’re supportive of the Republican party’s efforts here, but you want to say that your appearance at a rally for Issue 2 volunteers isn’t a sign you support what the party’s efforts are trying to achieve?  What about when the Romney campaign sent out an e-mail blast to its subscribers encouraging them to get involved in the Better Ohio campaign during the summer?

I mean, you’ve got Mitt Romney at a rally saying he won’t say he supports the cause he’s rallying.  It can’t get worse can it?

Enter Building a Better Ohio’s website:

Yep, you can add SB 5 to the things Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on.