We long ago began assuming that when Ohio’s Republican leadership is speaking, they aren’t telling the truth. But it’s truly becoming harder and harder to believe that they know any actual details regarding anything they are talking about.  And the more Kasich, Niehaus, Batchelder, etc. talk in public, the more we are starting to think that they literally DO NOT KNOW what changes (or not) Senate Bill 5 or Issue 2 contain.  In all seriousness, no collective group of individuals can be so ignorant, right?  It has become really easy to believe that not a single YES voter from the legislature has independently read Senate Bill 5 from front to back.  They are unaware that when the text is underlined, that means it is new language inserted into law, and words that have been crossed out are parts of the previous law that are being removed.  Frightfully, Shannon Jones, the “architect” of Senate Bill 5, is a frequent example.

The latest case in point is a video of Senator Jones talking about the language in Senate Bill 5 that deals with the negotiation of working conditions.  The origin of this interview with Senator Jones is quite ironic in its own right.  A few weeks ago, when Ed Schultz came to central Ohio and featured Columbus Firefighter Jack Reall on The Ed Show, they had a secret admirer tagging along.  A radical right-wing blogger and amateur filmmaker, Chris Hartsock, was secretly videotaping Reall as he spoke to a crowd, then ambushed Ed Schultz after the show in an impromptu interview in which he tried to contradict the statements Reall made both before and during the show.  In addition to calling a heroic firefighter a liar, this radical also tracked down Senator Jones at the Columbus Convention Center for the interview seen in the video.  His intent was to use her as his so-called expert on the language of the bill in an attempt to discredit the two men.

As you’ll see in our extended version of the amateur filmmaker’s interview with Jones, her responses merely served to confirm that which we already knew: Shannon Jones is ignorant of the content of her very own bill.


This video contains extended footage of Shannon Jones. Watch at your own risk.

Final note:  Jones speaks for nearly a minute at the beginning of the video — it was important to allow her to fully state her erroneous point.

Senator Jones, before you vote on November 8, read the bill (RIF).  And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Then vote NO on Issue 2!

  • Anonymous

    Uh, how about both, in addition to being low down dirty dog evil.

    She’s not a woman, but she plays one on the TV.

  • False? duh..oh that explains it..same exact language..lmfao..same language as EXISTN LAW..CLEARLY..LMAO  ROFLMAO..SHE clearly is a train wreck..

  • Shannon is so funny I forgot to laugh! What do you expect from a bleached blond? Something that makes sense?

  • Hmm..now the kids surely understand why we say..”Do ur own work n not copy off of others..” John Kasichs bill..like the blind leadn the blind..I hope she got a big bonus from Kasic oopsi mean the money from our tax payn middle class dollars..She shoulda read the
    cliff notes at least..If that was an essay question on OGT..? Did she read the bill? did she forget what she supposively wrote? Appears she didnt do her homework..bet Kasich n crew gotta laugh outta that 1..duh…read duh bill…I-D_iO-t..duh..


  • Anonymous

    This Hartsock guy reminds me of the Young College Republicans that flooded facebook after SB5 was drafted, calling cops and firefighters commies, union thugs and other derogatory names. 

    Their argument has been “well the left always bashes cops” which is true at times, but usually only when they screw up- like say a video showing suspected police brutality.

    These new people on the right call them names and berate them just for earning a paycheck.

  • Anonymous

    Itmjust goes to show that if she is an idiot then so are the people who voted for her.

    Mission accomplished that the evil R’s have dumbed down the citizenry that they vote for equally dumb people who are too dumb to understand their own bills.

    Evil in America because our side didn’t care enough to vote and others were misled.

    We deserve better but get worse with every R who runs things until they are broken.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    What do you expect from a governor handpicked pigeon……bad thing is she doesnt even realize they used her for their dirty work…..
    Her husband is running for Clearcreek Trustee….. I hope he loses big time ! Wonder what kind of benefits a trustee gets in Springboro?  Will he pay his “fair” share ? Sad isnt it IF he would win the taxpayers get robbed twice ! 
    I hope they all vote for Gabbard…….

  • Todd1998z3

    My vote is for categorically ignorant.  Camera man gave a nod to Wayne’s World’s  “extreme closeup.”  I could have done without that.

  • CowTown_Utd

    Senator Jones has an excuse for not knowing SB5, she didn’t write it! This piece of crap was drawn up by ALEC and her job was to serve it up . You did what you were told Shannon, but at the price of your credibility.

  • Dmoore2222

    No surprise here. This is the republican culture-fearmongering and browbeating everyone with talking points. To hell with facts or law. Look at Kasich’s slopiness alone:  attempting to appointment a non-ohio resident to a cabinet position,  trying to split a referendum, trying to deny press access to an official state ceremony, signing teacher merit pay into law with no operative plan, to mention only a few. This is the same slopiness that earned Bob Taft his felon status by playing loose with ethics laws. Ohioans who voted for this band of amateurs deserve everything the get. The rest of us just have to wait it out and hope the damage is not irreversable.

  • Rob

    She doesn’t know what is in the bill because it was drafted by ALEC.

  • Ahaha. nice video)))

  • It’s a red herring.  

    They could have said “everyone can bargain for free cars, first class airline tickets and as many lollipops as they can eat” but since management holds all the cards – their last offer is always the one that gets chosen if there is a dispute – there is no collective bargaining, just “collective begging”.As Republican State Senator Seitz, bargaining under SB5 “is a fundamentally rigged process”

  • Has anyone emailed Jones this video? Is it possible she never wrote the bill, and therefore has no idea what is in the bill?  Read the second paragraph from the bottom of the article from Business-Journal  (http://tinyurl.com/6yb5vn2).  Why does she keep looking down as she is speaking?  Is she reading off notes or lying? Can she explain why her bill is so similar to the one in Wisconsin?  Is it a coincidence?  Sure it is.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Yes I have seen that –makes me think no one contributed to his campaign…LOL
    I dont think they even say what he is running for  ……
    I hope all of you band together up there and vote against him — thus proving to her another point — her turn is next  …….

  • Anastasjoy

    Is there an option to vote for “all of the above”?

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  • Shannon Jones is a vile, obese, b*****. She should be more worried about losing that weight than destroying the middle class.

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