From the daily archives: Monday, October 24, 2011

We long ago began assuming that when Ohio’s Republican leadership is speaking, they aren’t telling the truth. But it’s truly becoming harder and harder to believe that they know any actual details regarding anything they are talking about.  And the more Kasich, Niehaus, Batchelder, etc. talk in public, the more we are starting to think that they literally DO NOT KNOW what changes (or not) Senate Bill 5 or Issue 2 contain.  In all seriousness, no collective group of individuals can be so ignorant, right?  It has become really easy to believe that not a single YES voter from the […]

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Today, the Columbus Dispatch did a story that discussed some of what we’ve been discussing about the economy for months: Kasich’s political rhetoric when it comes to the economy does not match the economic reality reflected in Ohio’s monthly jobs reports.  On Friday, we learned that Ohio was #2 in job losses in the country for the month of September after three straight months of increasing unemployment after Ohio saw a streak of 14 months of constant dropping unemployment that began in early 2010 when Ted Strickland was Governor.

Kasich’s economic argument isn’t based on these […]

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