The latest tactic by Governor Kasich and his pro-Issue 2 organization is to attack the amounts that public workers pay toward their health care benefits and pensions.  Kasich, however, has been actually been attempting to spread this misinformation for months, all while struggling to remember which tall tale he is spreading.

A few days ago, Kasich appeared on Fox News and tried to claim that public employees are contributing $0 toward their benefits, and this is why Ohio needs to reform the law.  We Are Ohio, the organization mobilized to communicate the facts behind Issue 2’s implementation, quickly responded to the broadcast through their own YouTube video and called out Kasich for his lies.

On Fox News October 20th, Ohio Governor John Kasich says — while laughing — that public employees get “free health care” and pay nothing into their pensions.

Nice try, Guv. On average, county and state employees pay more than 15 percent for their health care plans and more than 93 percent of public workers already pay for their own pension contribution, with no pick-up from their employers.

Furthermore, Ohio’s teachers, nurses, firefighters and other public employees have already made great sacrifices, saving Ohio taxpayers more than $1 billion dollars to help fix the budget crisis.

(We Are Ohio, October 21)

Sadly, since We Are Ohio only provided the one example of Kasich speaking on this, we have had to read Kasich apologists defend his comments as being taken out of context or simply misspoken.

Neither is true, so we have extended We Are Ohio’s video to display Governor Kasich’s pathological desire to spread lies in order to further his personal agenda.

As you’ll see, Governor John Kasich can’t keep his lies straight as he continues to offer differing numbers about the amounts that public employees pay toward health insurance and pensions. At the end, Kasich offers a surprise endorsement on the work of unions in Ohio over the past few years.



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