From the daily archives: Sunday, October 23, 2011

The latest tactic by Governor Kasich and his pro-Issue 2 organization is to attack the amounts that public workers pay toward their health care benefits and pensions.  Kasich, however, has been actually been attempting to spread this misinformation for months, all while struggling to remember which tall tale he is spreading.

A few days ago, Kasich appeared on Fox News and tried to claim that public employees are contributing $0 toward their benefits, and this is why Ohio needs to reform the law.  We Are Ohio, the organization mobilized to communicate the facts behind Issue 2’s implementation, quickly […]

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In all the news about Governor Kasich’s attempt to mitigate the political damage caused by the tragedy in Zanesville by issuing a meaningless executive order that most have concluded has no real teeth, another potentially difficult story got overlooked: September’s jobs report.

The good news is that Ohio broke it’s three-month streak of rising unemployment.  That’s about as good as it got for Kasich.  Ohio’s unemployment rate is no different than the national rate, which also stayed at 9.1%.  That means after a fourteen-month period of consistently dropping unemployment that started back in February 2010 under […]

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