Greg already tore up Better Ohio’s latest ad for their absolutely untrue statement that public workers are paid 43% more than private sector workers. Innovation Ohio did a nice job debunking this number as well.

But I feel it’s also worth commenting on the other part of the ad – specifically the beginning, which starts with pictures of closed down businesses, foreclosed homes and images of a what we are supposed to assume is a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart down an empty street. The ads starts with this footage and quickly proceeds to their argument: public employees are over paid.

Do they seriously think anyone watching this ad is going to believe that public worker salaries caused the foreclosure crisis in Ohio?

Do they seriously think anyone watching this ad is going to believe the guy with the beard, dressed like a homeless guy from the early 80’s and pushing the shopping cart, used to be a successful entrepreneur (instead of a b-roll actor) until teachers bargained for a reasonable class size of 40 or fewer kids?

I have a really hard time imagining how they think destroying collective bargaining rights for Ohio’s public workers and subsequently driving down the salaries of all workers in the state will actually solve the foreclosure crisis or benefit Ohio’s homeless.

And it turns out that Columbus’s homeless and homeless advocates seem to feel the same way.

A few months ago I saw this cover of Street Speech, the newspaper produced by the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless, that clearly shows where the homeless and their advocates stand on Issue 2/SB5.

Homelessness did not result from overpaid state employees. Neither did the mortgage crisis or the inability of a young couple to pay their bills. And the current economic problems facing the state of Ohio are more likely the result of the misbehavior of Kasich’s banking pals from Lehman than the overtime pay of Ohio’s police officers and fire fighters. But that hasn’t stopped Better Ohio from running this ad as often as possible.

When they first started running their ads I was actually a little worried they might be able to sway some voters. But after the grannygate scandal, the recent drop in the polls, and the realization that they are actually making a serious investment in running THIS specific ad instead of the other ones, I find their whole campaign kind of sad, a bit depressing and thoroughly disappointing.

It seems like they have forgotten their own message and now they’re just running with anything they think will sway one or two independents. And this type of behavior almost always backfires.