We haven’t written anything on #OccupyWallStreet yet (or any of the Occupy groups in Ohio), and I am not going to force us into an editorial position on the movement at this time, but personally, as a fan, I wanted to provide some information to our readers about reputable sites for information. Sometimes, such an egalitarian, leaderless, democratic movement can be a little messy, especially looking at it from the outside, and it can be hard to know what information is “official”. I’ve seen some stuff flying around on the internet that is most definitely not sanctioned by the New York City General Assembly. At best, it’s a working document from one of the working groups that has not been approved by NYCGA; at worst it’s an absolute falsehood.

So, with that in mind, I did some research and determined that these are reliable sites for information:

NYCGA – the New York City General Assembly. This is the official website of the Occupiers in Liberty Plaza. Nothing ends up here without consensus approval of the people in Liberty Plaza. This is the #1 go-to resource for information about what is happening on Wall Street. There is information available for the various Working Groups, along with minutes for the GA.

OccupyWallStreet – a kind of “front page” for the movement. Less insight into the mechanics of OWS; more of a public relations site. Still, some good information, will less documentation to have to wade thru to find the “good stuff”.

OccupyTogether – not a “spokesperson” or “representative” site for OWS, but a nice location for solid information about the various Occupy events and movements that have popped up around the country and world.

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