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Brief note on #OccupyWallStreet

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We haven’t written anything on #OccupyWallStreet yet (or any of the Occupy groups in Ohio), and I am not going to force us into an editorial position on the movement at this time, but personally, as a fan, I wanted to provide some information to our readers about reputable sites for information. Sometimes, such an egalitarian, leaderless, democratic movement can be a little messy, especially looking at it from the outside, and it can be hard to know what information is “official”. I’ve seen some stuff flying around on the internet that is most definitely not sanctioned by the New […]

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Here’s a quick thought on another argument SB5 supporters keep using during debates: quoting the number of applicants for teaching jobs.

In a recent debate between State Senator Keith Faber (representing Better Ohio) and Dale Butland (representing We Are Ohio) the participants are asked a question about whether SB5 will make public positions less attractive to highly-qualified applicants.

Butland speaks first and mentions that starting pay for Ohio’s teachers is only $31K/year – which puts Ohio at #42 for the lowest paid teachers in the country. And Senate Bill 5 removes even the minimum pay standards for teachers. Butland […]

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