Back on Jan. 7th, 2011 Gov. Ted Strickland issued a executive order banning “the keeping of big cats, bears, wolves” in Ohio. On taking office, John Kasich blocked the order, claiming he was concerned the ban would negatively impact small-business owners. He eventually let Strickland’s executive order expire.

Jump ahead to today…

Late this evening in Zanesville Ohio dozens of wild animals escaped from a private owner’s home including “grizzly and black bears, wolves, and several species of large cats, including lions, tigers and cheetahs”.

As I type this, many of these dangerous animals are still loose in Muskingum County. School has been cancelled. People have been asked to stay in their homes. And Sheriff’s deputies have been working all night to protect the citizens in Muskingum County.

Now whether we can directly tie the animal escape to Kasich is certainly open to discussion. And we can debate whether the exotic animal ban would have prevented this incident, but it would be difficult for me – or anyone – to question the motives and competence of the Sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement officers on the scene right now protecting the citizens in Muskingum County.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what the wife of Kasich’s closest advisor, Jai Chabria, did this evening.

As the story of the animals’ escape unfolded, and news that Sheriff’s deputies had been forced to shoot at least one of the animals was made public, Jai’s wife Tammy took the opportunity to publicly attack the police officers and public employees in general on Twitter.

Chabria called the officers “inhumane morons who have no idea what they’re doing and shouldn’t be permitted to do this job”. And called the Sheriff’s “shoot to kill” order “Incompetence.”

She even took the opportunity to personally attack multiple people associated with We Are Ohio, sarcastically saying “incompetence by these public employees will win you many sympathies to your cause.”

It’s worth noting that “Ohio has the fourth highest number of incidents in the United States involving [exotic animals] escaping, injuring or killing people or other animals.” The ‘escaping’ number seems likely to go up this evening. But hopefully, with the help of Ohio’s dedicated law enforcement officers, no one will be injured or killed.

While many people are making jokes and kidding around on Twitter about the dangerous escaped animals, Muskingum County Sheriff’s deputies are out in the field making sure Ohioans are safe.

It really surprises me that anyone would question the motives of the officers in this situation. And it absolutely amazes me that someone so closely tied to the Governor’s anti-union, Pro-SB5/Issue 2 campaign would make public statements attacking these officers while trying to score political points.

Just to be clear, Tammy doesn’t speak for the administration nor for her husband. And her concern for the animals seems sincere. She absolutely has the right to say whatever she wants about public employees or SB5 or Issue 2 on Twitter or any other forum just like she’s been doing for months without any comment from us. But calling these officers morons and incompetent public employees when four tigers, a lion, eight bears and 12 wolves are on the loose in Zanesville seems to show a deep-seated and ingrained level of disrespect for police officers and public employees in general – the type of disrespect that is at the heart of their side’s arguments in favor of SB5/Issue 2.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could say “unbelievable”  but this fits perfectly with my assertion that these elite republicans view police as uneducated buffoons who are there purely to serve them.

    I suppose she would rather they wait until a person who didn’t get the warning is attacked or worse killed by one of these exotic pets before the police take any action.

  • Doug B.

    I wished the animals could’ve been captured instead of shot outright but it was an emergency with 48 animals on the run. Law enforcement would be raked over the coals if even one civilian was harmed.

    The GOP would probably use that to also complain about “over paid” public workers.

  • Brian

    I agree, Doug. These animals aren’t contained – it’s getting late at night – to me, that means it would be irresponsible to pass on an opportunity to eliminate the threat to the public if you have it. You may not have another chance to stop that animal, before it harms some innocent person.

    It’s sad, but if you don’t have a trained pro with a properly calibrated tranq gun at the ready, you have to shoot to kill in this instance. The scale of the problem was just too big.

  • Michael Sarge Piotrowski

    It won’t even be someone who does not know, it will be someone out for their morning jog, or someone that just “has to ” walk their dog(s).  There is a sense of entitlement to these people (the  Gov and his buddies) that is wildly out of line with reality. 

  • Mgriss28

    This is an easy problem to solve.  The officers that are out there working hard to protect the residents should capture these wild animals, then kindly deliver them to the doorstep of Tammy Chabria.  She apparently doesn’t have an issue with them being on the loose.

  • Autumnrose3455

    Oh, please………

  • Anon

    There is also the fact that when you do use a tranq dart on an animal that animal does not just drop over immediately, the medicine takes a bit, depending on the situation, to take effect. The last thing they need is to have a bunch of pissed off, exotic animals in various states of tranquiliation out there, on their own, that took of in the dark after being darted. 

  • Anon

    There is also the fact that when you do use a tranq dart on an animal that animal does not just drop over immediately, the medicine takes a bit, depending on the situation, to take effect. The last thing they need is to have a bunch of pissed off, exotic animals in various states of tranquiliation out there, on their own, that took of in the dark after being darted. 

  • Lillakelila2

    she is a idiot whomever she is! I dont like the fact that people even have such animals around. its not safe for anyone! if she likes them that much collect them & drop them off on her property! ingnorant woman!

  • Joseph

    I certainly don’t think she’s an idiot. She, like most people who’ve commented about this story, seems to have an honest concern for the animals.

    It’s a very bad situation resulting from poor regulations, among other things.

    But you know whose fault it wasn’t? The Sheriff’s deputies.

  • Brian

    It is tragic, but as the sheriff noted – this was a problem waiting to happen.

  • Anonymous

    I agree completely. This COULD HAVE been Kasich’s chance to remake himself into a Theodore Roosevelt character or endear himself to gun nuts (I mean “Second Amendment activists”) while undercutting the public servants who protect us from his poor regulations. What a blown opportunity!

  • Dani RN 4 Obamacare

    No one (normal)  likes to see innocent animals put down, but with the safety of the public at risk there is not much choice.  For her to place the animal life above human life is irresponsibly spoken at best, her tweets are crazy!!

  • Mark Szabo

    Is the sherif from this county not elected? Have police unions asked for more dart and tranquilizer guns or pushed for not having them? Have the police taken a side on the exotic animal issue? Right now Kasich is the moron because he let regulations lapse. Instead of letting the EO slide he should have pushed the house and senate to dictate some rules on the owning of exotic pets. The shoot to kill order in my opinion is a bit over the top. That was an executive decision from mangement who from my understanding is normally the elected official. Correct me if I’m wrong about the sherif being elected. I’ve heard the Cbus zoo is world class. Would they not be able to handle some of these animals temporary? Also the way they escaped seems kind of fishy. Did the guy open all the cages and then get killed? Did someone kill the guy and free all the animals?

  • Anastasjoy

    Because the Columbus Zoo is world class, they do not take on animals they are not well prepared for. No, they would NOT have facilities to suddenly house several dozen new exotic animals. That would take months of extensive planning.

  • Mark Szabo

    Actually you are wrong. This is not the first time an exotic animal owner has died in Ohio leaving several animals uncared for.  The only difference between this time and the previous incident is the animals are loose and being killed.

  • Barbara Hill

    My question here is…if the owner knew he was taking his own life, why didn’t he call someone to take the animals that he had raised and cared for all these years?  Usually people who contemplate suicide start giving things away…why just open the cages and give freedom to the animals knowing that they would be killed by law enforcement, hunters, or private citizens.  I am still trying to make sense of all this! 

  • StubbornLiberal

    The owner of the wild animals had some issues with law enforcement.  Perhaps by letting some of the animal out of their cages he was attempting to get back at them.  This is animal hoarding in a most dangerous way.  The man should not have had these animals, especially given his background.  Once again our governor and his “regulations are bad” mantra has proven his ignorance and lack of foresight. By the way, the sheriff indicated in a news report that at least three animals are still on the loose.

  • Joeswifemandy

    Because Terry had snapped. He was in a huge mess with no way out. He had got to the point that he just couldn’t handle people anymore. He liked animals more than humans. His money was running out and he didn’t know how to care for the animals anymore. He had been feeding them road kill and dead livestock from farmers but there were sooooo many to feed.many of the animals were from others that bought them and couldn’t care for them. In Terry’s last moments who knows what he was thinking. All that’s known is that he killed himself so obviously he wasn’t thinking clearly. Out of sorrow, hopelessness, anger, resentment, ect maybe he let them loose as a way of telling everyone off one more time. Or maybe he thought the animals could get a chance at freedom. Maybe he knew they would get shot and thought they’d be better off. We don’t know. But we know he wasn’t thinking in his right mind.

  • Dani RN 4 Obamacare

    Over the top-what if a citizen had been harmed, would you be saying the same thing?  What was “over the top” is that a a private citizen can own dangerous animals without regulation, something like this is bound to happen!!  And tranquilizers are meds that would expire and have to be replaced and are dose dependent on the animal- you are expecting a little much for law enforcement to add that to their arsenal.   

  • Mark Szabo

    I expect the cops to do more than just kill the animals without using other options as has been implied.

  • Anonymous

    In a perfect world Mark, maybe. Let me ask you for an honest answer— Pretend you are in charge of keeping the public safe, you respond to a call of 40 to 50 wild carnivores, huge killing machines, loose in a residential area or near a residential area.

    You have about 15 minutes to make a decision, and that’s being generous.

    Do you think in 15 minutes you can round up all the specially trained dart gun operators, all the available dart guns (loaded and ready to go), calculate the dosage needed for each animal, then accurately tranquilize each of these animals, bring in specialized cages for transport and get them to a place willing to secure them?

    Meanwhile while you’re doing all this, protect each and every member of the surrounding public from attack, get the word out etc. 

    I realize everybody here is not happy these animals were shot, but what choice do you really have, in the real world, when dealing with the sudden influx of wild animals?

  • Anonymous

    Name all the people you know have tranquilizer guns….Name ONE.

  • WestParkGuy

    Imagine walking up to someone’s property and finding all these animals loose. Not to mention that some had already escaped the property. Also, Zanesville is just north of Hocking Hills, Wayne National
    Forest, and numerous other state parks/wilderness areas. Once they get
    in there it’s going to be really difficult to find them.

    If the animals were contained on the property with no chance of escape, then that’s a different story. However, the longer they would of waited, the more chances more of them could of escaped into the woods.

    Zanesville Law Enforcement got dealt a crap hand and while it probably was not the PC thing to do, it was the right thing to do.

  • Lyndsey Teter

    Plunderbund not defending rants of vegan sympathetic to animals? <—– head asploding.

  • Joseph

    I know everyone at PB does not have the same opinion on the animal shooting as me. And we can certainly have a discussion about whether it was the right decision on the part of the Sheriff. But to bash the deputies and call them morons and incompetent public employees in an anti-labor rant seemed a bit excessive to me and worth pointing out.

  • Annekarima

    Joseph, it is a bad situation.  Wild animals belong in the wild to roam free.  Born free as the song says.  The Sheriff did what he thought was correct and there was no good answer in this situation except to protect the public.  That is what he did.  More than I can say for some other people who could have stopped the situation apparently if certain legislation had been allowed to stay dead.  Do I understand that correctly?  It has never been my desire to hold a wild animal captive?  At least Jack Hanna is available to the Sheriff to help in this circumstance.  Better advice could not be found.

  • Anonymous

    It seems this has less to do with the animal situation and more to do with jabbing the wives of employees of your political opponents.  

    It’s cool, carry on.  It’s reassuring to see what people really are made of.

  • Delco

    No, “Moonie”.  See if you can keep up.  It has less to do with “practicing (sic) and
    pandering to political hackery,” and more to do with the unfortunate publication of an opinion by the wife of a very well-paid and trusted advisor to the Governor, wherein said wife referred to law enforcement as “inhumane morons who have no idea what they’re doing and shouldn’t be permitted to do this job,” and further, referred to the Sheriff  as incompetent.  There is no “feigned love affair” between self-described “progressives” and unionized law enforcement (or firefighters, teachers, or state and local public employees, or meat-eaters, for that matter).  Irrespective of party affiliation, or whether or not a union member, or a vegan, Issue 2 affects many working families struggling to stay afloat.  And comments such as Mrs. Chabria’s are relevant and  extremely tone-deaf given SB 5 and the feeling by public and non-public employees that working families are under attack.  I am sure that Mrs. Chabria is a caring and reasonable person and was merely speaking from her emotions at the time, as many of us may have felt until we had all of the facts.  However, the fact is that she is married to a close appointee of the Governor, and her comments were insensitive.  If I were in law enforcement, I would take issue with my fellow professionals being called “morons” when they were doing their job in accordance with best practices.  It stinks, but the fact is that Mrs. Chabria may need to exercise some discretion regarding her first amendment rights.  That is what thousands of career public employees do every day throughout their career in appropriate deference to their duly-elected “CEO”.  Like state employees that have never even met the Governor, what Mrs. Chabria says and does will reflect upon him.

  • Anonymous

    So basically what you’ve written is a detailed and long-winded(**) admission of ‘No,  this isn’t about the animal situation, but rather an opportunity to assert “Kasich cronies bad, public employees good.”‘  … which is pretty much how I described it immediately above your response, right?

    “The fact is that Mrs. Chabria may need to exercise some discretion regarding her first amendment rights.”  *That* is precious.   Don’t be passive and equivocate with “may” if you truly feel people with whom you disagree (or are married to employees of people you don’t like) should curtail their First Amendment rights.   Let’s forget the mantra  of “question authority”.  Or does questioning the decisions of public officials only apply to those who support you point of view?

    It’s also interesting that you (and others here) view her primarily as a man’s wife, and not her own person with her own identity, own career, own opinions, and own outlook of the world.  “her comments were insensitive”  Newsflash: so were those of President Obama labeling the actions of the Cambridge Police Officer in charge of Diversity Training as “acting stupidly” in the line of respectable duty. Were you outraged then, too?  Second newsflash: LEO’s are called much worse, and are selected in part for their ability to brush off such insults and carry on with tasks at hand.

    “There is no “feigned love affair” between self-described “progressives” and unionized law enforcement (or firefighters, teachers, or state and local public employees).”  You and I will have to politely disagree about that.  From the outside looking in, it’s very clear there is.
    Sincerely, “Moonie” (sic)**I did get a chuckle from your choices of words… eg,:  “Best practices” regarding exotic animal escapes, seriously?  A tweet as “the unfortunate publication of an opinion”.  “Wherein said wife”? useful in a run-on when a simple “who” doesn’t suffice 😉

  • Anonymous

    She serves on at least one Republican PAC, I think I saw her listed as a treasurer? So she has taken an active role in the party and is not just a politician’s wife.

    For the record, I thought President Obama’s comments were just as bad, premature and showed his own misconceptions. I like to think he’s grown out of that after being president for awhile now and being surrounded by military and law enforcement.

  • Dani RN 4 Obamacare

    I just read her twitter description, oxymoron: “Owner of a Montessori school, and mother of a Montessori-raised 4yo. Fiscal Republican, Objectivist. My three E passions: Education, Environment, and Evolution.” 

  • Anonymous

    Dani, please elaborate on your understanding of the word “oxymoron” and tell us how what you’ve quoted is such… lest you lead us to believe you do not have a clear understanding of the word or what she wrote.

  • Delco

    If that nebulous term “Fiscal Republican” means “a fiscally responsible Republican”, then clearly the description is a contradictio in terminis.  However, I sarcastically use the term (appropriately so) as a rhetorical oxymoron.  I am not sure why you would feel the need to quiz Dani RN on literary devices, and I don’t know about the “oxy” part, but I have definite opinions on who is the “moron”.

  • Joseph

    We’re not advocating violence against anyone here. Certainly not a pleasant Montessori school teacher/owner. I just thought the incident showed a deep disrespect for law enforcement and public employees in general, a disrespect that seems to be the hallmark of the pro-SB5/Issue 2 camp.

  • Dmoore2222

    It will be interesting to see how our cretin governor spins this. In blocking Stricklands executive order on keeping big cats, and the like in the interest of not harming small business owners, the net affect is that it will do just that. With dozens of wild animals on the loose that necessitated school closings, I doubt that many people will be eager to run to the store or anywhere else for that matter. And who knows how long it will take to find these dangerous animals–maybe months. So we have this at the height of southeast Ohio tourist season which will impact businesses that serve leaf peepers, hikers, backpackers, motorcyclists, Halloweeners,etc. An ecomomic impact analysis should be the next thing on your list, Greg. Do it!

  • Anonymous

    leaf peepers!!

  • Maxpatch5612

    Just saw on CNN that professional animal handlers from the Columbus Zoo are assisting law enforcement and are hoping to tranquilize the remaining bears, tigers, and wolves.

    I know these professionals will do their best to save these animals, but I also suspect they will have armed police officers with them in the event lethal force is needed.

  • Anonymous

    During the press conferene Jack Hanna referred to the killing of his best friend in 73 or 74. The man was a veterinarian, shot a tiger with a tranq dart. The tiger, none to happy, leaped 18 feet and killed the vet.
    Hannah has supported what the sheriff has done. He said “We all love our animal world. And we love the people world, too. People’s safety is first, and then we have animals to protect,”

  • StubbornLiberal

    I saw that news conference too.  When dealing with wild animals, public safety is the most important thing.  I totally agree with Jack Hanna.

  • mary wille

    and she is right.This sheriff acted like a G.D.  IDIOT.I will forever look at this county as a bunch of archiac hillbill’ys,I myself have had  a captive wildlife permit  for years,by this idiot even shooting his gun spooked those creatures,stupid ,stupid,move.That would be like shooting your gun in the air w/a herd of horses around,stupid.If these enclosers were big enough,and they  wre feed in these encloser’s,all they  had to do was remain calm,feed them back into there enclosers,must would of gone back in,and for those who dont,tranqulizers,or started fights,same thing.We are supoosedly smarter  then animals,really,this guy made humans look like idiots.He paniced like a scared school girl,and behaved exactly like that,moran is a nicer term,i guess,maryw  

  • Anonymous

    I can just see you out there…”here kitty kitty”. Then your next of kin suing because the kitties ate you.

  • StubbornLiberal

    The sheriff said on the news conference this morning that when his deputies arrived there were animals all around the cruisers making it impossible for them to get out of their vehicles.  This particular wild animal farm was a disaster waiting to happen.  Even though the sheriff’s department had received over 30 calls regarding this location, and knew the location well, their duty was to protect the public.  Also, the sheriff said that the deputies do not carry tranquilizer guns.  The next time wild animals are loose, we’ll tell the sheriffs department to call those that are criticizing them.  First you will need to sign a form beforehand indicating your choice for a funeral director.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps you did not hear that the owner not only opened the gates of the enclosures (not “enclosers), he also tore the gates down, so there would be no safe place to secure the animals, even if they could be recaptured.  This was not a situation where a bunch of cattle got out on the road, this was a real emergency – hundreds or thousands of people lives were in danger of being killed.  The police reacted correctly – they had only a few seconds to make these decisions and they protected the public.  Yes, there are a bunch of dead wild animals – at least there are no dead humans.

  • Anonymous

    I see Kasich is going to speak to Jack Hanna about some emergency legislation about outlawing these private animal farms.  Either way, Kasich will look bad.  If he signs a new executive order, there will be questions about why he let Strickland’s EO lapse in the first place.  If he waits to sign an order, there will be questions about why he is taking so long after this disaster.

  • Anonymous

    In other news, the first nephew of a brother-in-law married to the cousin of an Ohio GOP campaign contributor surnamed Kusack — an anagram of “Kasuck” — gave the elderly mother of a State Highway Patrolman a sidewise glance today.

    Some things to consider:

    (1) It’s not the first time someone of dubious proximity to the political process (or even someone at the very top) has suggested a police officer has “acted stupidly” in the line of duty.

    (2) The feigned love affair those who consider themselves as “progressive” have with unionized law enforcement is fickle and fleeting at best; note attempts of Occupy Wall Street to fabricate “police brutality” narratives and pin them on the NYPD.

    (3) Had Kasich or a cabinet administrator issued a public statement for law enforcement to kill the escaped animals on sight as necessary, those politically opposed to him would have criticized that as well (“it’s not the animals fault”, “less-than-lethal alternatives should be pursued”, “animals are sentient and have rights too”, “murder is not the answer”, etc).  That irony does not escape those who think critically.

    (4) Law enforcement is having a field day with this; seriously, how often do you get to go on a hunting safari in your own neighborhood?  Aspiring Chuck Testas will have a windfall.

    (5) The article does not mention what kind of animal was killed that elicited Chabria’s comment.  If it was not a deadly animal, or one that posed any sort of immediate threat to public safety or traffic, then criticism should be expected from those of *any* political persuasion.

    To ignore any of the above (well, except maybe item 4) is just practicing and pandering to political hackery.

  • Anonymous

    Couple things my friend, just some observations…
    (1) True, but when it comes from the right it’s a little shocking, I mean they claim to own patriotism and be all pro law and order.  So when a Kasich crony refers to cops as “inhumane morons” it’s newsworthy.  I like to peruse opposing viewpoint websites, over at the Glenn Beck forums they openly call for the death of police officers, refer to them as “commies” and “union thugs” and worse. Honestly I was surprised by that and like to think they are in the minority, but it is prevalent .

    (2) I see your point maybe if you are talking about some ivory tower academics , old school lefties or college age radicals. But the gist of people who oppose SB5 are working class, family types with mortgages, mouths to feed etc. No matter how much your side tries to paint them as “union thugs” I know the truth.

    (3) Probably true.

    (4) Your own police stereotypes are shining through, no cop enjoys taking a life- even when it’s a vicious animal. 

    (5) weak, initial reports  didn’t list the giraffes and monkeys.

    Anyways, hope you stick around here and express yourself more often. 

  • Anonymous

    Typical R who thinks that anything is more important than people. Projection must be one of the bad character traits of R’s.

    She is stupid, not ignorant.

    She’s evil.

    She can’t be fixed.

    NO ON 1, 2, 3.

  • Anonymous

    Probably because she is a typical arrogant Republican who looks at law enforcement as uneducated buffoons, who are only there to serve them.

    Well I shouldn’t say typical, not too many R’s openly espouse evolution.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting… Do you incorrectly stereotype and generalize all demographics?  Or just those you’re not a member of?

  • Anonymous

    Just do what they do to me. No big deal. I get called a “union thug” or “commie” by these new republicans, and I’m a war time military veteran who serves his community 40+ hours a week.  These guys can’t even be bothered to do jury duty.

    Besides it’s the internet. Who cares.

  • Lisa

    Love that this idiot knows more about the situation than Jack Hanna or the current President of the Columbus Zoo!  She’s the expert–she should have been called in to tranquilize them herself!

  • Lisa

    Love that this idiot knows more about the situation than Jack Hanna or the current President of the Columbus Zoo!  She’s the expert–she should have been called in to tranquilize them herself!

  • Ervserver

    Cops are trained to kill…not tranquilize. All they now how to do is kill. The real moron of the story is OHIO for having no laws and letting this freak have animals like this. The federal govt should make it illegal nationwide

  • Eric

    I think it a rather simplistic (and inaccurate) view of law enforcement to say that all cops know how to do is kill. You may want to rethink that one.

  • Joeswifemandy

    Terry was no freak. Did you know him? All you know is what you read. Just remember there’s two sides to every story. Terry was way in over his head with the animals, he was in the middle of losing everything including his wife. He snapped. He was never the same when he got back from Vietnam, as I’m sure we will see many of our soldiers having problems after they come home from fighting the endless battle they are fighting. So make sure you remember to call them all freaks when they come back with outlooks that don’t seem right to YOU.

  • Mike List

    interview on nbc this morning with the sheriff. he was right to do it, the guy was wrong to have those animals. 5:30pm is too late to spend much time on “what do we do now?”, before it gets dark? chances are good most of those animals were fairly well behaved, but given that one or more of the monkeys were eaten, not worth the risk. blame the regulations that allowed the guy to have those animals, blame the guy, who let them all go just before doing the stupidest possible thing you can do.

  • Hysterical Raisins

    hi guys!

    i hope you don’t mind that i borrowed a cup of story!  :)


  • MrGavel

    This is the bottom line: Most Republican activists think they are better than government employees and so think that it is okay to insult them, degrade them, and harass them while they are doing their jobs. We see this with our Governor, we see it with the State Senator who was involved in a domestic violence call, and now we see it with this lady. 

  • Anonymous

    An apt description of Kasich, an “inhumane moron who has no idea what he’s doing and shouldn’t be permitted to do this job”.

  • Dian

    Pouring down rain, continuous loud thunder and lightning strikes, pitch black dark outside and there are 56 wild and dangerous animals on the run scared and hungry! Where in the H was this woman’s head? Her comments were about as useless as Kasich himself! Quite a few people live near the Thompson farm on Kopchak Road and many, many others within a 3 mile radius. Many people were in danger as well as the traffic on Interstate 70 which runs parallel with the Thompson property. Most of us who live in Muskingum County have high praises for our Sheriff Matt Lutz and his deputies for doing what had to be done to protect the citizens. This Terry Thompson has been a Looney Tune for a long, long time. The sheriff’s office has been called numerous times for animals on the loose and living conditions and suspicions of animal cruelty reports as found at; just reading through some of the reports, I was appalled at the inhumane treatment of these animals and do not understand why the State of Ohio could not have done something to get them away from the Thompsons……so before Mrs. Chabria goes spouting off at the mouth, maybe she should become more informed before sticking her foot in it and makes an ignorant comment. Maybe she’s the one her husband should have committed to a cage!  THANKS, MATT LUTZ AND DEPUTIES FOR SAVING HUMAN LIVES IN OUR COUNTY.
    Zanesville resident, Muskingum County, Ohio

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