Man, it is crazy out there, am I right? I mean if it isn’t Issue 2 supporters making up facts, its Granny-gate, or the Supreme Court ruling in favor of allowing the redistricting maps to go to referendum. Remember when they said this was going to be an off-year election and things were going to slow down?

In all the action over the course of the last couple of weeks an important piece of news has gone somewhat under-covered. Guess who was the only Senator to successfully have a bipartisan piece of legislation pass the Senate that is aimed at doing something about the stubbornly high unemployment rate in this country? Sherrod Brown.

This is is a big MF’ing deal. Brown’s bill, the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011, would charge higher duties on imports from China to combat what many see as China’s unfair currency manipulation. This currency manipulation makes products from China artificially cheaper when they reach the states, hurting products that are made here in the U.S. In fact, an Economic Policy Institute study found that China’s currency manipulation led to the loss of 2.8 million jobs in the U.S. and over 100,000 here in Ohio alone.

Not only does Brown’s legislation work to level the playing field between American and Chinese manufacturers, but it received bipartisan support in the Senate. The effort passed 79-19 in the Senate with support from the other Ohio Senator, Republican Rob Portman.

Which brings us to our young, and overly ambitious, State Treasurer Josh Mandel. Even though this bill passed the Senate almost two weeks ago don’t expect to find Mandel’s stance on this important piece of legislation anywhere. Like he does on every other major issue he is mum on the subject. Or as The Hill reported, no one has an opinion about it over at the Mandel campaign.

Mandel’s campaign has not revealed the candidate’s stance on the China currency measure.

That sentence is the written equivalent of a picture of Josh Mandel with crickets in the background.

Really, no stance on the issue at all? Its not like the bill isn’t a bipartisan effort to help rebuild the manufacturing base of the United States economy, which if you haven’t noticed Josh is pretty important to Ohio and hasn’t been doing too well of late.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. Mandel has again and again refused to express his position on important policy matters here in Ohio and in Washington, D.C.

  • For months Mandel dodged reporters’ questions on whether Mandel supported SB 5.
  • Mandel in the last minute canceled an interview with the Plain Dealer to avoid having to say whether he supported Republican efforts to end Medicare.
  • Mandel also refused to answer an Associated Press reporter’s question on why he was breaking his promise to serve a full-term in the Treasurer’s office.
  • His response was even worst when it was reported that he might of broken the law by spending taxpayers’ dollars on his campaign.
Mandel is the prototypical politician who is willing to say, or in this instance, not say, anything to get elected in fear of pissing off one of his wealth political cronies. And it is a shame that the media in this state allows him to continue to get away with it. He isn’t running for an Ohio House of Representatives seat or the State Treasurer’s seat anymore. He is running to be one of a hundred members of the most prestigious legislative bodies in our Country.
I know he looks young, with that baby face and all, but please, mainstream media in Ohio, it is time to take off the kid’s gloves and treat Mandel like the grown up he wants to be treated like. It is time to hold Mandel accountable for being wholly unable to take a position on almost any single piece of major legislation impacting Ohioans.
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