From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Man, it is crazy out there, am I right? I mean if it isn’t Issue 2 supporters making up facts, its Granny-gate, or the Supreme Court ruling in favor of allowing the redistricting maps to go to referendum. Remember when they said this was going to be an off-year election and things were going to slow down?

In all the action over the course of the last couple of weeks an important piece of news has gone somewhat under-covered. Guess who was the only Senator to successfully have a bipartisan piece of legislation pass the Senate that is […]

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True. Freaking. Story.

It’s only three weeks away from the election and we are still being amazed by the quality of human beings that comprise those known as “supporters of Issue 2.”  Last week, Governor Kasich’s official campaign group, Building a Better Ohio, misappropriated “We Are Ohio” ad footage of Grandmother Marlene Quinn and placed the spliced the footage out of context, twisting Ms. Quinn’s message.

And today, while doing some research on the Ohio Constitution (don’t judge my use of free time), I stumbled upon a publication by The Buckeye Institute entitled Defending Liberty in […]

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As part of its examination of Issue 2, the Columbus Dispatch published an article yesterday enumerating several perks enjoyed by public sector workers as a result of collective bargaining negotiations that are not generally available to those in the private sector. Examples included a paid day off for election day, having a say in the temperature of a classroom, a $160 bonus for perfect attendance and “longevity” pay increases based on years of service.

The article failed to tell the other side. The private sector offers an incredibly long list of benefits public sector workers can only dream […]

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