As we hit the final stretch of the battle over SB5/Issue 2, it seems like a good time to remember how little respect Kasich has shown for public employees, and police officers specifically. And what better way to highlight that than by revisiting Kasich’s “idiot cop” comment and traffic stop.

Back in January Kasich publicly berated the Ohio EPA claiming it was plagued by “a lack of commitment and a lack of vision” and, in short, blamed the EPA for the delay of a new permit for a gas-fueled power plant. The Governor claimed his administration had, despite the shortcomings of the department and its employees, magically gotten the permit approved.

When an employee of the EPA explained to the press that the delays were actually caused by the company, not the EPA, Kasich freaked! He ordered every Ohio EPA employee from around the state to come to Columbus so he could lecture them about not talking to the press. It was during this event (which cost taxpayers over $5000 in direct costs, and tons more in lost work hours) that Kasich made his now-famous “idiot cop” remarks.

During the event, Kasich tells the story of a police officer, Officer Robert Barrett of the Columbus Police Department, who had pulled over Kasich three years earlier. For some reason, Kasich has continued to hold a grudge against the officer for all this time and proceeds to use him as an example of poor customer service.

In his story, Kasich claims he couldn’t have seen the flashing lights and claims the officer was “an idiot” because he had the nerve to inform Kasich of the legal requirement to appear in court for the law he had broken. According to Kasich, the officer gave him a ticket and said “you must report to court and if you don’t report to court we’re putting a warrant out for your arrest. He’s AN IDIOT!”

Here’s the video of Kasich’s comment.

So that’s Kasich’s version of the story. He got pulled over for passing a public safety vehicle that he says he never saw. And the idiot officer who pulled him over told him he would get arrested if he didn’t show up for court.

Now here’s the video of the actual traffic stop. Note: this video contains a few additional minutes of footage that show the officer presenting Kasich with the ticket and explaining the mandatory court appearance.

In the video you can clearly see Kasich not yielding for the state trooper. There was no vehicle in front of him blocking his view of the trooper and no one next to him preventing him from pulling into the next lane. Notice Kasich’s lane is completely clear of vehicles except for his. Somehow everyone else on the road was able to see the emergency vehicle and move over except for Kasich – who didn’t even slow down. It appears that Kasich was clearly in violation of the law here.

And in the new, extended portion (jump ahead to 8:45) you can also hear Officer Barrett explain the situation to Kasich: “in the state of Ohio this is a mandatory court appearance so you will have to appear in court. You have a court date set for one week from today.”

He tells Kasich that he must “show up for court or they will issue a warrant and you will lose your driver’s license.” He also, very politely, informs Kasich, after he asks if he can just pay the fine, that the court appearance is required because the state legislature passed a law (ORC 4511.213) requiring a mandatory court appearance and a mandatory double fine for not yielding to a public safety vehicle.

It’s worth noting that Kasich tells his story while lecturing EPA employees about poor customer service but, in fact, the story is a perfect example of the opposite. Informing people of all the facts in a polite, respectful manner so they won’t be confused, or end up with a warrant and suspended license, seems like the exact definition of good client service.

Kasich’s disrespectful and nasty comments about public employees are not new. Back in 2009 he promised to “break the back of organized labor in the schools” and before he made his idiot cop comment he’d already accused Ohio’s law enforcement officers of “hiding in the bushes” and “sneaking in the weeds.” Obviously Kasich has a problem with teachers and police officers. And, based on the extreme, union-busting provisions in Senate Bill 5, all public (and likely private) union members as well.

On November 8th, lets show Ohio’s police officers, fire fighters, teachers and other public employees that we respect them a hell of a lot more than Governor Kasich.

On November 8th, Vote NO on Issue 2.

  • Nov 8 can’t come soon enough…”NO” ON TWO…Jim, Columbus

  • Awolbush1

    He can’t help it. He’s a liar.

  • Anonymous

    What’s ridiculous to me is that Kasich thinks the people pursued by law enforcement are “the client.”

  • WestParkGuy

    This is the first time I ever say the dashcam. Actually the cop was VERY polite to Kasich after he blew past the cop sitting on the side of the road. The cop should of read him the riot act and totally dressed him down for putting his fellow officer at risk.

  • curtiss

    Kashit oops I mean Kasdick sorry Kasich is a troll that needs to be pushed back under the rock that he crawled out from under.  The perfect start would be to have an overwhelming no vote on issue 2. Then start replacing him and his fellow trolls with actual caring people.  But then again we are in Ohio, hate to say it but sometimes not the brightest when it comes to politics.

  • curtiss

    Kashit oops I mean Kasdick sorry Kasich is a troll that needs to be pushed back under the rock that he crawled out from under.  The perfect start would be to have an overwhelming no vote on issue 2. Then start replacing him and his fellow trolls with actual caring people.  But then again we are in Ohio, hate to say it but sometimes not the brightest when it comes to politics.

  • Well, this officer (not the governor) was at least the most professional, courteous, articulate and law-abiding and compassionate “idiot” I could ever hope to encounter after blowing by a state trooper without even slowing down and changing into a safer lane.  Apparently, slowing down and safer lanes are not pertinent to this governor.  I bet Bob Taft is ecstatic that a governor in 2011 actually makes his term look caring, compassionate, and even-handed.  Ah, it’s all relative.  NO on 2.

  • Anonymous

    Kasich needs to hire his own security guards.

    Oops, that will cost the  taxpayers……………..

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Well I think he soulda pulled him over again !! The officer told him to be careful pulling back into the highway — well the “idiot” didnt even use his turn signal to pull into traffic and went down the road with his right blinker still blinking !!! 
    Directional signals are there for a reason ………… like I said I woulda gave him another ticket

  • Ican just hear every word Kasick said in the car after he pulled away. That @#%^&^$ officer I’ll make him pay just wait until I’m Govenor. BRUHAHAHAHAH!  Unfortunately the last man laughing laughs best and it ain’t gonna be him!

  • Fred

    Alright, it’s been 6 hours, you can approve my post.

  • Maxpatch5612

    Kasich has a hate on for police officers.  These videos are great, but there is one more.

  • Anonymous

    Love this video. Outside of a few old school conservative organizations (the Bluecoats) I now realize that most wealthy conservatives think of police officers as brutish thugs, uneducated and HOW DARE THEY TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

    This is one of the few state laws that is posted along major highways, in big easy to read letters, all over the state. 

    He subsequently plead guilty to the charge, so he knew he was in the wrong.

  • Annekarima

    Hmmm……let’s see.  Who is the idiot here.   I think I was taught to turn on my ER flashers if I was pulled over in a police stop at the side of the highway, not leave the R signal on.  Then when Kasich went to return to the freeway he never turned off his R signal and turned on his L signal.  He went on the freeway with his R signal on entering the freeway on his left.  Is that correct?  I think so.  I mean he did it wrong.  And now this idiot is governor?  Who’s the idiots?

  • Dmoore2222

    Nothing like a video to expose a compulsive liar. How do you trust someone with much larger issues when he can’t be honest about something like this?

  • Jwizzler

    I’ve been pulled over before for having an expired license tag. All you can do is accept the ticket, crack a little joke, and show up in court. Cops have it bad enough without celebrity talk show hosts trying to whine their way out of their own mess.

  • Anonymous

    I think the last sentence needs an tag!

  • Anonymous

    He should’ve told the officer “Look, I’m moving at the speed of business!” 

  • Anonymous

    People did not look at what he stripped from seniors & many others while on Wall Street and they went ahead and voted this creep in as gov of Ohio.  Nov 8 can’t come soon enough.  He is one of ones who thinks his sh%% does not stink. Well I can smell him from where I sit and he needs to be taken down a peg or two on Nov 8.  Vote no on two.!

  • Deedomwho

    when getting back on to the road, he STILL had his right turn signal on….NOW THAT IS SMART!!  DUHHHHH

  • We should get a transcript of this dash cam. This makes me so angry to see him call this police officer an idiot, so vociferously, when this police officer was so courteous to him, and all just in an effort to make it safer out there for his fellow officer. The officer even says to Kasich, “It’s not that big of an issue…It happens to everybody on occasion, sir.” Unbelievable the disrespect and entitlement our governor has for the people that make this state worth living in.

  • The account by Kasich of this incident of course is from his own perspective and the officer in question is enforcing the law as he should.

    Why is it illegal in Ohio to keep traveling normally in a lane nearly
    10 meters away from the parked vehicles off the road.  It’s a dumb law: 
    rescind it.

  • Anonymous

    Every other vehicle yields, not Kasich.  Laws don’t apply to guys like Wall Street Johnny.

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