From the daily archives: Sunday, October 16, 2011

Having read today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial endorsing Issue 2, I can’t help but see how the conclusion doesn’t match the premises made.  If Issue 2 passes, Governor Kasich and this General Assembly will not, in a moment of kindness after this campaign, return to Senate 5 on their own initiative to remove some of its provisions.

If, as the Plain Dealer suggests it wants, you want a less extreme collective bargaining reform bill than SB 5, then you have only one choice: vote NO on Issue 2.  If Issue 2 passes, John Kasich will see it as […]

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No, he’s not offering to resign.  Yes, we are going to offer you a chance to watch Kasich’s latest Issue 2 commercial here.  We believe it is necessary to set the proper context for the pro-Issue 2 campaigners led by Governor Kasich and his Building a Better Ohio fundraising entity.  This latest ad follows on the heels of Kasich’s insightful views about the status of his campaign:

“I think we’ve been pretty factual about it,” Kasich continued. “The problem with the campaign – they’ve been emotional and we’ve been factual. And in campaigns, emotion usually wins. That’s kind of where […]

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