Remember James O’Keefe? That annoying conservative kid who pretended to be a pimp and took video of low-level, sympathetic ACORN employees that Fox News claimed was proof ACORN supports prostitution or something?

Well it appears people associated with his group, Project Veritas, are now attempting to “punk” progressive groups in Ohio with similar tactics.

We’ve heard that someone claiming to be working with the Ohio Education Association is calling progressive organizations and offering to help fund research with the help of an unnamed hedge fund research group. The research, they say, would be related to collective bargaining rights for Ohio public employees and they seem to imply that the research would help fudge the numbers in favor of teachers.

The caller provided an email address at which, at first glance, would appear to be associated with the Ohio Education Association. But the domain is actually registered to a guy named Shane Cory who is a Libertarian activist and… Surprise! Acting Executive Director of Project Veritas which vows to “conduct fearless investigations with James (O’Keefe) in the lead.”

Obviously Shane is new to the whole pretending to be someone else thing, since he registered that domain using his personal information. Amateur move, Cory.

Consider this your notice, boys. Everyone in Ohio is on to your scam.

Here’s the domain registration info:

Registrant Name:Shane Cory
Registrant Organization:Gold State Marketing Studios
Registrant Street1:3308 Bourbon Street
Registrant City:Fredericksburg
Registrant State/Province:VA
Registrant Postal Code:22554
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5403681776
Registrant FAX:+1.5403681776

  • Nice! Need to find the tip jar, so I can give you all a gift for all the excellent work you do.

  • Anonymous

    O’Keefe has to prank phone call to stay relevant because he’s got an ankle bracelet, is on probation and lives with his parents.  I think that’s what one would call the definition of ‘pathetic’. 

  • Jamie got permission to leave her mommy and daddy’s basement again? It’s good that she’s so free to roam-I know that Andy gets horny when he isn’t so drunk he can’t walk, and Jamie has been his sweet love muffin for a long time now.

  • Slimy O’Keefe was seen at the OWS protests, wasn’t that against his probation?

  • Some people are just pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    Guess they couldn’t find a Libertard in Ohio. Have they no shame.

    Of course not, they are evil, and connected.

    NO ON 1, 2, and 3.

  • Anastasjoy


  • But Jamie’s man hunk Andy Breitbart will always stand by his little woman, so all isn’t lost.

  • ][

    Looks like they noticed that their horses left the barn this morning.

    They put privacy protection on the domain, but it’s too late for those cowards.   The domain’s been outed, and the records copied.  I wonder how much money this is costing him to fail.

    O’Keefe sure doesn’t know when to quit, since he has failed miserably in Ohio.  He tries to punk Ohio, but only gets his own game turned on himself.  Over and over.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Plunderbund….expose that chump who belongs in the slammer.

  • that oea addy , if as typed..ohh thats fraudulant..hmm..anyone check to see who his employer/donator is? Someones payn for the scam..

  • Jwizzler

    The lack of intellectual honesty, whether it is in the economic world or the political world, is what is destroying my country.  Shame on O’Keefe and Cory’s dishonesty.

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