From the daily archives: Friday, October 14, 2011

Remember James O’Keefe? That annoying conservative kid who pretended to be a pimp and took video of low-level, sympathetic ACORN employees that Fox News claimed was proof ACORN supports prostitution or something?

Well it appears people associated with his group, Project Veritas, are now attempting to “punk” progressive groups in Ohio with similar tactics.

We’ve heard that someone claiming to be working with the Ohio Education Association is calling progressive organizations and offering to help fund research with the help of an unnamed hedge fund research group. The research, they say, would be related to collective bargaining rights […]

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“We Are Ohio” releases a second ad featuring Cincinnati great-grandmother, but this time addressing “Building a Better Ohio” campaign’s dishonest use of her in an ad that made it appear she supported Issue 2.  Yeah, that worked out well:

But Building a Better Ohio went for what was essentially an "inside joke" — a "Take that!" aimed at their rivals at We Are Ohio.

Even worse, when Quinn objected, Building a Better Ohio didn’t do the right thing by apologizing and pulling the ad.

[Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial]

Regardless of which side of […]

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Back in the Spring, after Kasich had signed SB5, and after the rallies had ended, I think a lot of people had the same thought I did: are we going to be able to keep up this momentum and energy and engagement until November?

Last night, with a little over three weeks to go until election day, I got some clear evidence that we seem to be doing just that.

National FOP President Chuck Canterbury arrived in Ohio last night to kick off a 5 day tour of our state to help rally support for the defeat of Issue 2. […]

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