After spending two news cycles saying that there was no way Building a Better Ohio would pull the Grannygate ad, campaign spokeman Jason Mauk announces that they have… pulled the Grannygate ad.  (Yet another lie?)

As a result, Building a Better Ohio, the Republican group pushing to pass Issue 2, has decided to replace the ad, at least for now, with one of its previous spots while negotiations with stations continue.

The decision was made so the campaign can stay on the air, said Jason Mauk, spokesman for Building a Better Ohio, adding, “We absolutely stand by the ad.”

[Source: Columbus Dispatch]

Mauk also continues to maintain that not as many stations have pulled the ad as We Are Ohio has claimed, but then again, he’s been disputing the number without providing any evidence all along.  He’s denied just about every station has pulled the ad, only to admit that the campaign was forced to pull the ad itself or risk not being on the air for an extended period of time in the final four weeks of the campaign.  Plenty of campaigns stand by their ad as they pulled them.  Josh Mandel said the same thing about the race-baiting, Islamophobic stoking smear ad he ran against State Treasurer Kevin Boyce (except Mandel didn’t really pull the ad as he instead let it run through its full scheduled rotation.)

What’s even worse, Better Ohio is trying to fundraise off the ad in a delusional, Iraqi Information Minister sounding pitch about how effective the ad was and how the First Amendment is at stake.  When We Are Ohio announced 12 stations, Mauk said it was no more than six.  When it was twenty, he claimed ten.  Today, when We Are Ohio says thirty (many of the stations have independently confirmed with us and others), he claims it’s only 15.

Again, the First Amendment is not a license to lie.  It never has been.  I’m a lawyer, Mauk is an overpaid political hack with a history of a disturbing allergic reaction to the truth.  Don’t believe me?

If stations continue to not air the ad, Mauk said his group will fight that decision, arguing that stations are required by federal law to provide access to public airwaves. “This is a First Amendment, free-speech right.”

Tom Griesdorn, president and general manager of WBNS Channel 10, said that isn’t true.

“We have the right to deny any advertiser,” he said. “This is a for-profit institution.”

Griesdorn said the station’s legal counsel advised him that, given the legal questions surrounding copyright issues and other allegations, it’s best to pull the ad for now until the two sides fight it out in court.

They’re raising money off of intentionally misappropriating a great-grandmother who would appear publicly to fight this except she’s at her Baptist church camp.  These are the people who we’d have to trust to be honest and fair managers who won’t abuse the one-sided anti-union power granted to them if Issue 2 passes.  Same folks who are fundraising over lying about a great-grandmother are the people who would have the power under Issue 2 to screw labor.

At this point, that’s all anyone needs to know about why you should vote against Issue 2.