From the daily archives: Thursday, October 13, 2011

After spending two news cycles saying that there was no way Building a Better Ohio would pull the Grannygate ad, campaign spokeman Jason Mauk announces that they have… pulled the Grannygate ad.  (Yet another lie?)

As a result, Building a Better Ohio, the Republican group pushing to pass Issue 2, has decided to replace the ad, at least for now, with one of its previous spots while negotiations with stations continue.

The decision was made so the campaign can stay on the air, said Jason Mauk, spokesman for Building a Better Ohio, adding, “We absolutely stand by the […]

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On second thought, Governor, I actually preferred it when your spokesman was just issuing a “no comment” on Building a Better Ohio’s “Grannygate” ad.

Gov. John Kasich, the main pitchman for Building a Better Ohio, said this morning that he doesn’t “run the campaign,” but “what they’re doing is fine."

“The ads and literature out there supporting Issue 2’s been based on facts,” Kasich told reporters following a speech to the Independent Insurance Agents of Ohio meeting. “We want people to pay their fair share and we want our cities to survive. Mayor (Mike) Bell, the mayor of […]

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