The Associated Press has a more in-depth wire story about “Grannygate,” and it features strong language from former Governor Ted Strickland:

Former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the use of Quinn’s image in the Building a Better Ohio ad was “deceitful and dishonorable.”

Strickland speculated that it could cause a backlash against the law’s supporters. “I think it could be the turning point in the campaign, quite frankly,” he said.

“What they have done here, I think, demonstrates the level of deceitfulness that they will use in order to try to win. This is really as blatant as anything I’ve seen,” Strickland said.

He said the supporters purposefully distorted the woman’s image and exploited her.

It will say something about the character of the governor and others, if they do not, in my judgment, step up and very publicly say that this is wrong and disassociate themselves from it.”—Former Governor Ted Strickland

[Source: Associated Press]

Governor Strickland just served John Kasich a softball.  He could easily just smash it out of the park and say the obvious: of course, he doesn’t want the Building a Better Ohio campaign to create the misimpression that an opponent of Issue 2, especially a loving great-grandmother, is really a supporter of Issue 2.  Seriously, how hard of a test of character could this be for Governor John Kasich?

Rob Nichols, a spokesman for Republican Gov. John Kasich, declined to comment.

I find myself equally speechless, except to say this:  Governor Kasich, you are a coward.  You should be ashamed of yourself, your cowardness, and you should be ashamed of this campaign.  But you failed to live up to the standard of “should” with me a long time ago.  2014 can’t come quick enough.

  • This trainwreck is almost painful to watch. 

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    You go …Ted !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Kasich has NEVER done the right thing on any issue he’s been associated with.  He couldn’t hit a “soft ball” the size of a Buick, so there is little likelihood that he will do what he should now.  How much can you expect from the little dolt?  On the best day of his life he wasn’t 1% of the man Strickland is, and he never will be.

  • Anonymous

    No, I’m gonna enjoy every minute. They deserve this and more.

    Evil in America because we didn’t vote.

    No on 2.

  • Annekarima

    Modern, if cowards had character, they would not be cowards.

  • John Kasich: not doing the right thing for years and years.

  • eraser1998

    WKRC’s official reply:

    “I asked our legal counsel to review this
    matter yesterday.  I gave our attorney all the documentation from both
    arguments.  After a careful review we decided to continue to air the ad as it
    met all the legal requirements.  During a political cycle we get dozens of requests
    to stop airing certain ads.  We review all such requests and respond to each
    one individually.Best




    Les Vann
    Vice President / General Manager”

  • GrammarNazi

    dear Modern Esquire… please, PLEASE have someone proof read your work before you post it.  your points are excellent, but a lot of people, myself included, will find it harder to take your work seriously when it’s riddled with grammatical errors, spelling errors, and well… words that aren’t really words (cowardness does not appear in any dictionary i’m aware of… it’s either cowardliness or cowardice).  as much as i love the relevance of your stories, i frankly hesitate to share them because of your sloppiness.

  • very nice post! i liked it! thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a word.  Used as an alternative to cowardice. And you should capitalize the first word of every sentence.

    And proofread is one word, not two.

    I’m sorry, you were saying?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Granny got run over by Kasich’s bus, at least in his mind.

  • Joe Hill

    Dude, it’s true.

  • curtiss

    King John, was he born without a spine or was it  mandatory to have it removed when he sold his soul to the GOP.

  • Tarfam325

    An AD should be run with the following:  John Kasich standing at the “crossroads” in the commercial where he says, “ALL we’re asking is that they pay their FAIR SHARE…15% health care and 10% retirement)… followed by: It took over 300 pages and that is ALL that is contained in issue 2??? How about MOST public employees already DO pay at or near 15% of health care.  And these limitations will benefit the state budget VERY MINIMALLY, if at all.  How about LEGISLATORS, (including our Governor are EXEMPT from any restrictions placed on PUBLIC employees because they EXEMPTED themselves from the law by titling themselves, “PUBLIC OFFICIALS”.  How about PRIVATIZING the prisons and leasing the turnpike and drilling and mining in State Parks??  How about HIJACKING the Local Government Fund, which has been protected to return a portion of state taxes back to municipalities since 1934???  We could go ON and On… but ALL he is asking is that PUBLIC EMPLOYEES (not himself included, of course) do what is REASONABLE and then end with the SPECIFIC amount of $$$ he has given to campaign contributors (i.e.. PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT charter schools, his buddy “consultants” who stalled casino gambling to the tune of $200,000 PER MONTH…just for their FACILITY rental,  the increase of HIS staff’s budget by between 8 and 30% and HIS jet/airplane usage $$$ spent.) Use HIS image against himself and say WE stand by it…because it is TRUE and see how he feels.  Then he would DEFINITELY have a comment!!!!

  • If you are going to claim to be a “GrammarNazi” please note that you need to capitalize the first letter of each word starting a sentence, you should not end every sentence with …, and you need to know that in almost all cases, the parentheses goes AFTER the end punctuation in a sentence, not before. You bum me out.

  • The Issue 2 juggernaut is in full motion. Phone calls, both live and robo, urging me to vote “yes” and Mike Huckabee is coming to the state to show his support by speaking to a bunch Ronald Reagan wannabes. 

  • Anonymous

    BUT….BUT…I thought the Republican Party is the party of moral values.


  • Anonymous

    “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped around body fat and carrying a misspelled sign……”

  • Annekarima

    Was it the GOP he sold his soul to?

  • What ? Kasick isn’t emotional over this campaign? Get on the bus or get run over isn’t emotional. Stupid highway patrol officer(not exact words but close enough), I don’t want to keep talking about this issue, there are better things to talk about, these are emotional words. He has said even more than this that I know PB could repeat for us. They leave the facts in the dust. I we deliver the facts. Who is emotional? We may feel emotional but we do represent the facts in the correct manner. We may play on some emotion but our facts are correct. He is emotional and his facts are dishonest. Those who are emotional let their emotions get in the way. We have not Mr. Emotional. Me thinks you have though.

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