The Associated Press has a more in-depth wire story about “Grannygate,” and it features strong language from former Governor Ted Strickland:

Former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the use of Quinn’s image in the Building a Better Ohio ad was “deceitful and dishonorable.”

Strickland speculated that it could cause a backlash against the law’s supporters. “I think it could be the turning point in the campaign, quite frankly,” he said.

“What they have done here, I think, demonstrates the level of deceitfulness that they will use in order to try to win. This is really as blatant as anything I’ve seen,” Strickland said.

He said the supporters purposefully distorted the woman’s image and exploited her.

It will say something about the character of the governor and others, if they do not, in my judgment, step up and very publicly say that this is wrong and disassociate themselves from it.”—Former Governor Ted Strickland

[Source: Associated Press]

Governor Strickland just served John Kasich a softball.  He could easily just smash it out of the park and say the obvious: of course, he doesn’t want the Building a Better Ohio campaign to create the misimpression that an opponent of Issue 2, especially a loving great-grandmother, is really a supporter of Issue 2.  Seriously, how hard of a test of character could this be for Governor John Kasich?

Rob Nichols, a spokesman for Republican Gov. John Kasich, declined to comment.

I find myself equally speechless, except to say this:  Governor Kasich, you are a coward.  You should be ashamed of yourself, your cowardness, and you should be ashamed of this campaign.  But you failed to live up to the standard of “should” with me a long time ago.  2014 can’t come quick enough.