Imagine if Obama had made an ad that suggested that Joe the Plumber had endorsed him?

  • eraser1998

    That is EXACTLY how I put it to someone who responded by talking about how the left attacked Joe the Plumber.

    When you step out and make an ad, you are accepting that they can attack you and the message.  They don’t have a right to edit it to make it seem like you were endorsing them, though.

    Another way to think of it – imagine if GM edited Rush Limbaugh to make it seem like Rush was pitching for GM in commercials (while he was running a boycott in real life)?  GM would be sued in an instant, and rightfully so.  This is NO different.

  • Anonymous

    They don’t care because they are evil AND well funded. They “win” elections so they think that they are correct because we didn’t show up.

    Evil in America…..

  • Anonymous


    You seem to forget that John Kasich’s Director of Public Safety, Thomas Charles, was the Inspector General who investigated the Joe the Plumber case.  There was no evidence, NONE, ever found that Governor Strickland or anyone from his office ask anyone to examine Joe’s record in a campaign to smear him.  There was not even a hint of any such evidence. What you said is a demostrative lie and you know it was.

    If you are going to continue to come here as a troll and libel people, I will have no choice but to ban you.  I am not going to expose our site to a libel suit because we permitted your comments. 

    The fact that you are dredging up an old discredited spin on a story as an attempt to distract what Governor Kasich and his political cronies is doing right now is disgusting.  I publicly called for Helen Jones-Kelley to be fired over Joe the Plumber.

    Who are you willing to be called to be fired in the Kasich camp for this intentionally misuse of a great-grandmother?  Follow your own advice: please go away.

    What you wrote in this comment is an intentional lie.

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