[Update 10/11/11 5:50pm] We’re getting word that NBC4 in Columbus has also pulled the ad!

[Update 10/11/11 5pm] Two more stations WSYX and WTTE in Columbus have also pulled the ads.  Keep it up!

Earlier today, we broke the story of the Building a Better Ohio campaign misusing an ad run by We Are Ohio in an attempt to mislead voters.  We have now confirmed that at least 2 television stations that were contracted to run the ads have pulled them:

WSAZ  in Charleston Huntington, WV
WTAP in Parkersburg

More are sure to follow. Thanks to everyone who spread this [mis]information far and wide.  We are hearing this is getting national media attention and we guess the PR folks over at Build a Better Ohio must be hunkering down for a brutal backlash.

Meanwhile, We Are Ohio is quick to respond in various ways, including a video mashup:

  • Nov 8 can’t come soon enough.  Stunts like this are only going to ramp up our efforts.  And I can’t believe those dummies are putting Kasich out front of their pro SB 5 campaign.  We have to keep the ads going- fresh ones up every week.  So folks, continue to give, give and give more and volunteer for the literature drops, phone banks and canvasing.  It’s the only way we will win…No On 2…Jim, Columbus  

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the post, Eric. Keep up the good work.

    Vote no on Issue 2 because the R’s are liars and robbers.

  • Not a problem.  Thank Modern mostly.  If he wasn’t a very attentive toothbrusher we may not have known about this so quickly!  😉

  • Anonymous

    And still, BBO won’t pull the ads on their own, it’s the stations that have to do their work.  Still shameful by not pulling the ad themselves and apologising.

  • Xx

    460-3909 and tell WBNS to pull the ad.

  • Anonymous

    wonder how long it’ll take Dispatch-owned WBNS or ONN to yank it.

  • Anonymous

    Jim is right folks.  We desperately need everyone out right NOW.  Make the phone call to your union hall or We Are Ohio, and get out and canvas or work a phone bank.  We have been out canvassing in northern Ohio for 6 weeks now, but it is like pulling teeth to get people to show up every week.  Don’t assume someone else will do it.  PLEASE get out there.  We need to send  a message to these cretins that they cannot walk all over us!  We NEED you all out there now!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, will do.

  • Annekarima

    Demand a full page apology in their paper.

  • Rusty

    NBC4 ran the ad at about 5:10 a.m. today. So much for pulling it yesterday.

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