Cincinnati Firefighter Paul Weber was on the truck that responded to the fire and helped save Zoey, the subject of a recent We Are Ohio ad.  The political hacks over at Build a Better Ohio used that ad to mislead voters into thinking Zoey’s great-grandmother Marlene Quinn really supported Issue 2.

Paul has a simple message for TV stations:  Pull the ad!

He also has a message for voters in Ohio:  Vote No on Issue 2!

  • Now it all begins…Dig in your heels, folks…this latest ad just confirms what many of us knew was coming- they will stop at nothing to defeat us..stand your ground, volunteer, contribute, knock on doors…we have within our grasp a great victory for the working men and women of Ohio…we can’t let up now…NO ON TWO!!!..Jim, Columbus¬†

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Eric.
    No on 2.

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering about that, but in this case it is not an “opponent” in the traditional sense. So it may be legally accepted practice to use another politicians words against him in an ad, even a current ad, but to take an average citizen and completely twist her words to show support for something she is against, well any idiot can see that is morally wrong.

    I guess you have to have a moral compass to understand this is wrong.

  • Anonymous


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