From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Associated Press has a more in-depth wire story about “Grannygate,” and it features strong language from former Governor Ted Strickland:

Former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the use of Quinn’s image in the Building a Better Ohio ad was “deceitful and dishonorable.”

Strickland speculated that it could cause a backlash against the law’s supporters. “I think it could be the turning point in the campaign, quite frankly,” he said.

“What they have done here, I think, demonstrates the level of deceitfulness that they will use in order to try to win. […]

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Imagine if Obama had made an ad that suggested that Joe the Plumber had endorsed him?

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Welcome to the Plunderbund live chat for the Republican Presidential Debate at Dartmouth. The debate begins at 8:00PM, but we’ll try to kick things off with a pregame around 7:30PM. If you don’t get Bloomberg TV then the debate can be viewed online at the websites for the Washington Post and Bloomberg.

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Building a Better Ohio spokesman Jason Mauk finally issued a response on behalf of the campaign on their misappropriation of Cincinnati great-grandmother Marelene Quinn, who has politely asked the campaign to cease and desist their use of her in their ad since it creates the impression that she supports Issue 2, when the footage was taken from a We Are Ohio ad where she supports defeat of Issue 2.

In short, Mauk told the great-grandmother from Cincinnati to go jump in the Ohio River:

"We’re certainly not taking the ad down," Mauk said. "We absolutely stand by it and our […]

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Cincinnati Firefighter Paul Weber was on the truck that responded to the fire and helped save Zoey, the subject of a recent We Are Ohio ad.  The political hacks over at Build a Better Ohio used that ad to mislead voters into thinking Zoey’s great-grandmother Marlene Quinn really supported Issue 2.

Paul has a simple message for TV stations:  Pull the ad!

He also has a message for voters in Ohio:  Vote No on Issue 2!

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[Update 10/11/11 5:50pm] We’re getting word that NBC4 in Columbus has also pulled the ad!

[Update 10/11/11 5pm] Two more stations WSYX and WTTE in Columbus have also pulled the ads.  Keep it up!

Earlier today, we broke the story of the Building a Better Ohio campaign misusing an ad run by We Are Ohio in an attempt to mislead voters.  We have now confirmed that at least 2 television stations that were contracted to run the ads have pulled them:

WSAZ  in Charleston Huntington, WV
WTAP in Parkersburg

More are sure to follow. Thanks to everyone who […]

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On Saturday, the We Are Ohio campaign issued a new ad called “Zoey,” which featured a Cincinnati grandmother talking about how she was, in no uncertain terms, voting against Issue 2 because it impacts the safety and ability of firefighters to respond.  Firefighters like the ones who saved her granddaughter’s life.

This morning I saw a new Building a Better Ohio ad that looked awefully familiar running in Cincinnati.  It was familiar because it literally lifted select portions of the grandmother’s statements in the We Are Ohio ad, including using the same footage of firefighters fighting a […]

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David Pepper was the Democratic nominee for State Auditor in 2010.  He was a former County Commissioner.  And if he isn’t on the Democratic ballot in 2014, I’ll be surprised.

Regardless, last week Joseph and I were invited to a Junior League of Cincinnati forum on Issue 2 with David Pepper representing the “We Are Ohio” campaign and Ohio Liberty Council attorney Gary Greenberg.

Greenberg started the debate with the premise that elected officials should decide how taxpayer dollars should be spent or public services delivered.  Pepper revisited this issue later pointing out that many of the union employees impacted […]

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I watched a number of SB5/Issue 2 debates recently, and personally attended a few really good ones including the debate between Connie Pillich and Shannon Jones and the debate between David Pepper and Tea Party Lawyer Gary Greenberg. Both were especially entertaining and revealed a lot about the messaging the pro-SB5 camp is using.

One of the talking points that all the SB5 advocates seem to be using relates to the part of SB5 that makes it illegal for unions and management to discuss staffing levels during contract negotiations.

The argument from our side is that not legally being allowed […]

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