In a recent TV ad funded by the Republican Governors’ Association, John Kasich claims his “team” is “keeping and creating jobs” in Ohio.

One member of this team is Mark Kvamme, Kasich’s proclaimed “job-creation guru” and now CFO of JobsOhio – the public-private organization created by Kasich and the legislature to help bring more jobs back to Ohio.

According to JobsOhio’s website, the organization’s goal is to “lead Ohio’s job creation efforts by singularly focusing on attracting and retaining jobs

And yet… Job Guru Kvamme repeated something today he’s said multiple times before: “Government doesn’t create jobs. It impedes jobs.”

Can someone remind me again why Kasich is giving , with no oversight or accountability, $100 million in state government money intended for job creation to a guy who claims government can’t create jobs?